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Friday, October 25, 2013

Matt and Monique's Hawaiian Wedding Reception

So . . . the big day had finally come; the day of the wedding reception.  My brother Matthew and his bride Monique and their daughter little Penelope were in town from Hawaii

The catering had been ordered, the flowers were on their way and the cake was to be delivered. My sweet friend Lillian had offered to have the reception at her beautiful home, which took a lot of stress off me.  Lillian keeps her yard pristine, her home immaculate and decorated beautifully for the season.  The night before the reception, Matt and I went over to the home to set up tables and chairs when we noticed one small problem . . . Lillian’s yard was flooded with irrigation.  I’m not talk muddy and inconvenient; I’m talking 2 feet deep of cold murky water.  The reception was a Hawaiian luau, but we didn't really think we’d have an ocean.

My brother Matt is great.  He’s always kind and gentle and considerate, so I really appreciated his attitude with this situation.  “No stress,” he said with his arm around my shoulders. We’d simply have to find another place to host the event, and we’d need to let 100 guests know about the change.  Yes, no stress, but for my brother, I could do it.

We quickly decided the event should be at my house, which is only a block away from Lillian's. We sent out a text to all the quests to let them know of the change of location.  I called a few friends, my family jumped on board, the caterer's family was amazing and within 22 hours, we had a magical Hawaiian wonderland.  

It was amazing watching my house transform from tired and messy to clean and beautiful (and we did get that extension cord up in the rafters before the quests arrived). 

With all the love and support, it really was no stress.

When I found this dresser at the thrift store a few weeks earlier,

I knew I wanted to paint it a creamy white for the sign-in table.

The shutters were $4.00 from a garage sale and my amazing vintage candlestick holder was $7.00 from Goodwill.  The mid century green table was $8.00.

Because of the dressers I work on, we adorned the yard with dressers.

Dressers everywhere, why not! 

When the Hawaiian dancers arrived, I had to pinch myself.  

Between family and friends, the food, the atmosphere and now the dancers, it was just too perfect!

My sweet parents and all my siblings, except one.
My baby sister Anna couldn't attend because she's in Cambodia on a service trip. 

We sure missed her and are so proud of her.

Love you, Matt and Monique.  It’s was a night to remember, for sure.

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  1. What a beautiful reception, and so much fun! I understand your family is Mormon, and was wondering if your new sister in law is too. The wedding dress was not as conservative as ones my Mormon friends have worn. Just curious, thanks!

    1. Hello. Monique is Christian and like Mormons, knows Christ is our Savior. Her middle name is love and she radiates light. We are so blessed to have her in our family. Thanks for reading My Dear Trash.

  2. Thanks for the response, it's so nice to see a family that loves each other and welcomes in-laws with open arms. God Bless!

  3. What a lovely reception! I love those desks! They are super pretty with the vintage look. Thumbs up!


  4. Great arrangement for reception. Every thing looks perfect in your wedding in Hawaii and reception. Thanks for sharing video of dance.

  5. I'm so glad Monique has added more beautiful souls to her growing family. She sure is lucky to have such welcoming, warm, and caring in-laws like you all!

    The wedding was magical and you could really feel the love all around. Thanks to you and your family for hosting.