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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Neighborhood Swap by Guest Writer Jeni Gessel

My dear friend Jeni has brilliant ideas all the time, like to paint her house a juicy plum red or to bake me a batch of real butter, pumpkin-shaped, obscenely drenched with candy corn sugar cookies. She's a master of all trades, but being a mom is what she does best. Read about her latest inspiration: a neighborhood swap.

The idea of a swap, an exchange, an even trade fascinates me. Something old can become new, simply by trading ownership! I love it!

My friend, Lou and I swapped. She gave me an edgy little black and white striped sweater and I gave her a creamy yellow jade necklace. Funny how her old sweater became my hot new little outfit and she instantly fell in love with the jade.

My daughter swaps with her BFF daily.

A Webkin for a Webkin
Skinny girl jeans for a pair of boot-cuts
A Milano's music t-shirt for a pair of kitty-cat pajamas
Cheese crisps for a pb&j sandwich
One pink flip-flop for a white one

And I've heard them whisper, giggle and consider swapping brothers.

Speaking of the 'little bro'...he will always swap the lip gloss or car keys or toothbrush to wrap his tight little fist around whatever new exciting thing I offer, like a dirt clod.

No one can resist a good, honest swap! It's the perfect way to reduce, reuse and recycle. That's why I get giddy and excited about a fun little neighborhood furniture swap i helped organize. Everyone is bringing something, a chair, a lamp, candlesticks, paintings, a set of dishes, whatever and then we swap! I can't wait!

Join us this Saturday (Nov 14 @ 9:00am) for a quick and fun little swap. Come say 'hi' I'd love to see you. Just look for me in a cute, previously owned, black and white striped sweater.
For more information

Here is what I'm contributing to the swap. Sign up with Jeni's swap at if you want a piece of my trash:

A lovely stained glass Noah's Ark Framed Picture

An antique heave large brass door knocker

And lastly, this lovely vintage set of pantry doors.

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