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Monday, April 5, 2010

Springtime Is Here. Do I Have To Slow Down?

I’ve had three babies in the spring time. Next week, I’ll be having my fourth baby during this lovely time of year, when the world seems to wake up from a long and deep sleep. Truth be told, since Arizona doesn’t have 4 seasons this concept doesn’t apply entirely to me, but I know most of the world can relate to what I’m talking about. Having a baby in the spring time reminds me of Bambi, when all the animal couples welcome their new little ones.

Image found here.

Being twitter-pated is the best. Having a new baby means I get to fall in love all over again.

Image found here.

The desert is so pretty this time of year and the counselor knows just how to snap and shoot. Thanks for the gorgeous picture, honey.

My backyard peach and apricot tree’s are blossoming with pink flowers. My orange, lemon and grapefruit trees smell like heaven and showcase little white buds. The front yard hibiscus pops with red and white flowers and the snap dragons from my Garden of Eden are reaching their potential with tons of blooms.

I love reaching my potential too, but I know I have to take a break. Honestly, I don’t want to, but there’s no way I can run an EBay store with a newborn. I can blog with a newborn, heck, I can even work on my new novel with a newborn, but EBay will have to slow way down. For the last year, I’ve posted anything from 50 to 100 items each week on EBay. I've shopped to my heart's content and loaded my car more then once to its maximum capacity. My heart has been all a flutter because of that one amazing find. I've shopped, returned and bargained all in the name of finding the dearest of dear trash, but all good things must come to an end (Do you really believe that? I sure don't).

So, I've decided once I have the baby, my goal will be to post 10 items a week on EBay. This will take about 1/2 an hour and that's something I can handle. That way I can stay in the grove of things, have fun and not loose my trashy identity entirely. No one wants to loose that sassy title.

I have a garage full of items waiting to be posted. For weeks I’ve felt the pressure to “Get it done.” I’ve been up late and setting somewhat unrealistic goals with my sales, but truth is I love this business. I push myself for a reason. Why?

Let me give you a little example.

Two weeks ago I was at a yard sale in a beautiful neighborhood. I purchased 7 articles of clothing and an large wood clock. I paid $12.00 for my entire purchase.

I came home and listed the clothes on EBay and the clock on Craig’s list.

Let me show you what my $12.00 investment turned into.

I currently have it listed on Craig's list for $30.00 and have someone interested. Sometimes these things fall through, but I think it will go for that.

The lucky jeans I found sold for $23.50.

The Levi overalls I found sold for $31.00.

The Ann Taylor shirt I found sold for $10.50.

The Sigrid Olsen Jeans I found sold for $8.99.

The Ann Taylor skirt I found sold for $14.50.

Two of the clothing items from the garage sale didn't sell.

This J. Crew amazing tunic shirt

& these darling O'Neil jeans.

I'll re-list them in a few weeks or a few months, whenever I feel like my normal trashy self again. They're sure to make a decent profit and up my $12.00 investment even more. Giving up selling trash for even a little while is stepping away from something I love, but the I get to embrace something I love even more, my own little baby.

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