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Tuesday, April 6, 2010


I don’t get it.

I really don’t.

I’m surrounded by talented people who see potential in trashy things and they make it work.

They work their magic by finding something and making it their own.

Kelly, no doubt, rips it up with her talent.

I stop by her house every few days and gaze in her garage. The stuff she finds; the things she does. Amazing, but I don’t get it.

I really don’t get it.

You either have the brains for this stuff or you don’t. Sure, you can learn, but some ladies seem to outshine the rest of us.

My dear friend Jen is a whiz (she sponsors the Fraser Fields Swap). She conquers everything wearing a vintage scarf and platform heels (she has tiny feet and can wear heels like a super model). Her sincerity makes hanging out with her that much more fun (and so does her vintage button collection). Usually, her husband entertains my boys with his potato gun while I stick my nose into some project she's working on. Handmade drapes or a fireplace discovered behind the drywall in the living room in her new house makes me oh and awe, plus she makes cookies.

Last month, I met Jen’s sister-in-law, Amy. Amy impressed for sure. She’s a petite little thing with amazing ideas and a baby girl named Zoe on her hip. Amy recently started a blog called Peppertowne.

And this is where I really don’t get it.

Jen and Amy found these chairs.

And turned them into these chairs.


Click here to see the entire journey.

What a transformation, but I don't get it.

I really don't get it.

Check out more of Peppertowne and be inspired.


  1. Those chairs Jen found are amazing, I would never have dreamed that something so trashy could be transformed into such beauty. I'm always inspired by Jen's furniture abilities and her savvy ways. I'm on the hunt for my own set of miracle rockers...cross your fingers.

  2. I'm amazed every day how these women do it. I have a chest of drawers half stripped/stained/refinished that has been sitting in my garage since November. I can't figure out what to do withit or even how to get it done.

  3. I saw this post the other day and today i was at GW $1 day and I found a chair just like it. I don't know if I'm going to change it cuz its in good shape and upholstered. I didn't need it but for $1 what the heck. My husband is about to walk in from work and I know I'm going to get a chuckle and a head shake.