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Monday, April 19, 2010

This Weeks Garaging Finds

Can I just say this was the best garaging weekend ever!!!!! I made so many purchases I couldn't photograph it all! Here's some of my favorite finds:Does this look like a store display or is it just me? All this was found at just a few garage sales. Let's do some close ups and talk prices...
This amazing floor lamp was $20.00
This antique type writer has been on my list of wants for quite a while. $10.00 was a steal! I can't wait to use it in our next photo shoot.
This plaster pig probably used to hold a menu board, but at $5.00 I'll come up with something to finish him off. The glass jar was .50, the wire basket 1.00 and the shepard's hook was $1.00 and will be perfect holding my new humingbird feeder (not pictured) that I picked up for .50.
I've been eyeing this iron dress form at Hobby Lobby for a while, but the price tag always discourages me from buying it. I picked this one up for $10.00. The pottery barn living rooms book was $1.00 and the candlestick was .50.This burlap pillow really caught my eye, but I was reluctant to pay $10.00 for it. After I left the sale, I just couldn't get it off my mind, so I returned an hour later and bought two. The previous owner said she paid $70.00 each for them.

Did anyone notice the unique table all of my treasures are sitting on? I paid $15.00 and can't wait to revamp it. (Can't decide if it will be black or cream, but it will for sure be a craigslist item when I'm done.) The oak cupboard door will be transformed into a vinyl project and for .50 it was a bargain too.
This little tikes climb and slide castle will be a fabulous resale item on craigslist. I paid $10 and hope to sell it for $35. Also, not pictured, is a beautiful kidsline farmhouse crib set. I paid 10.00 and hope to resale it on craigslist. I also picked up some great clothes for ebay (lots of Motherhood brand, which does really well) Did I lie? Is this amazing trash or what? I'd love to see what you found this weekend. Send us some pics and we'll feature you on My Dear Trash. Love, Kelly

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  1. I love those pillows! The typewriter is so cute too! Way to go.

  2. Great finds!! The weather was perfect in Va this weekend, so their were tons of yardsales. When I went home I was looking through my stash and basically everything I got were resale items:) I was just as excited to list my items, as I was buying them. This week was my highest yet on EBAY--$120. Thanks to you guys for inspiring me to try! I am hooked now!!!

  3. That type writer is awesome, great find!

  4. I love this blog! I feel like I know y'all so well, just from reading these little tidbits of your lives. Thank you for sharing:)

    I would like some advice, and I was hoping maybe one of y'all, or one of your faithful readers could assist me. I'm considering trying my hand at Ebay/Craigslist reselling (because, who doesn't need a little more cash?!) but I don't know how to determine opening bid/asking prices. I'm just not sure where to start, I guess. Any suggestions? Thanks!

  5. hockamama,
    When I pick up an item for resale the first thing I do is do a google search. This tells me if it's listed on ebay, craigslist and possibly how much it was new. For unique items- Like furniture that's been revamped I usually start high and if I dont get any takers after 1 week, I begin lowering the price. On a few occasions I have sold an item within the first hour it's listed- That lets me know my starting price might have been a little low. It's all a learning process that you'll pick up on really quick. Hope this helps. Good luck to you. Kelly

  6. Super Great finds. Love the pillows- well worth $10.

  7. Karena Goodman sent me your way. I'm already not liking you for the type writer and pillows. Just kidding.If only I could luck out like that!!!! I can't wait to keep reading.