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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

This Weeks Garaging Finds

**I know you're all anxiously waiting for an update on Laura and Baby Eden, but unfortunately I haven't heard. I do know the hospital called at 4:30am Monday morning to reschedule the induction- Too many moms went into labor and the rooms were full. However, at 4:30pm Laura called me to say her contractions were really strong and she was heading to the hospital- That's the last update I received, so pray for Laura and Baby Eden.**

Here's this weeks finds...This pottery barn bedding is the set Laura found and gave me in return for the set that matches her nursery (If you missed the nursery reveal yesterday click here), The ikea jars were just .50 each, the frame $1.00, the icky baby burp rag 1.00 and the little metal white dish .25. I really thought I found a treasure when I picked up my vintage looking airplane last week for $3.00- imagine my surprise when I found an identical one for, you guessed it, $3.00.

Here's a closer look at the wood spindles. I picked these up for $5.00 and the owner said they came from an 1881 Farm House porch in Wala Wala Washington. I'm not sure what I'll do with them yet, but I definitely couldn't pass them up. (Maybe cut the tops even and make them into candlesticks? If you have any ideas let me know)
This amazing vintage child's rocker was just $2.00. With 6 girls it's gonna be a keeper.

This new Parent's dumbo rocker sells for $49.99 and is adorable. At just $5.00 it will make a great resale item (or maybe I'll keep it for a little while)This bucket of stuff may look like junk to the average person. But to someone who's getting ready to paint their house it's a bucket full of treasures. This was just $5.00- Which doesn't even cover the cost of the Gorilla Glue! It's filled with new rolls of painters plastic, tape, masking paper, caulking and my favorite... A sanding block! The masking paper dispenser runs close to $50. I figure I've got at least a $100 worth of supplies (yea me!) And so the season continues to be fruitful- I appreciate it when it's here because I know the heat is coming and things will slow way down. Hope you found treasures as well. Love, Kelly

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  1. How do you do it? Score so many great items? I may have to leave NY if I'm ever going to find things like you do! LOL!


  2. What great finds! I love the leg-thingsy. They would make great candle holders! And the elephant rocker is so, so cute. I've never seen one before!

  3. What fabulous finds! I love the jars.

    I would love it if you joined my "Saturday is Crafty Day" party on April 24th! Stop by my blog for details.

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  5. LOVE LOVE the spindles!!!! Do you ever swap or sell your stuff<3 You can email at mindymcgrew@yahoo if you would be willing too! I have an etsy store you could check out and see if there is anything you would swap for.... Just curious, if not that is okay. BUT, I'm drooling over them!

  6. You got some great deals - those spindles are fabulous!

  7. Awesome finds! Garage sales out your way must be better than around here. But the season hasn't really started here yet - just a few outliers right now.

  8. Awesome spindles! If they're tall enough, you could cut the bottoms off and make a coffee table, maybe using a cabinet door.

  9. I've just taken a long while to peruse your blog, and I. Am. In. Love!

    Both of you, Kelly & Laura, have a fantastic blog!!

  10. Oh I adore the little rocker! So sweet. Be blessed. cindy

  11. Mindy,
    I constantly swapping and selling, but I think I'd like to hang on to these for a while. If I decide to sell them- I'll post it on My Dear Trash and give you first dibs. Thanks for the comment.