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Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Big Challenge Week 11

Here we are week 11 of the big challenge to raise $4,000 to take my family to Florida. Before I get to this weeks numbers I want to extend a big thank you to everyone who voted on which project I should send in as my audition piece for So You Think You Can Decorate. Looks like the playhouse won with 32% of the vote. I officially submitted the playhouse photo and description last night! I'll keep you posted, as I will need lots of votes to be selected for the competition. Also, I'm not sure if anyone noticed... But I've been out of town for the last 3 days at 6th Grade Science Camp. We had such a great time- Beautiful surroundings, good food, hikes, classes, skits, games and lots of quality time with my 11 year old. Here she is holding a tube worm she discovered during her stream studies class. Here's my cabin- The Foxy Fireflies. What an awesome group of girls!
Mr. Right was kind enough to post my garage sale finds for me- I forgot to tell him to enter a title, hence the titleless post on Tuesday. But all is well now, so lets get to this weeks numbers. I listed 38 items and 12 relists on ebay. Here are a few top sellers.
These Women's Lucy XL Tall athletic pants sold for $11.55. I also recently sold some Lucy shorts- I've been to the Lucy store, but didn't realize this was such a good resale item.
This Women's Avenue size 20 shirt dress sold for 11.49. Again, larger sizes are usually a big seller. $23.04 for two items that cost a total of 2.00 to buy, is a great profit. Now on to craigslist. Remember the little tikes kitchen I picked up Saturday for $30?
It sold in just a few hours for $60.00! And the COUCH! (yes I'm yelling) I paid $20 for this couch weeks ago.
I thought it was a great resale item. Neutral color, no stains or tears, comfortable, etc. I originally listed it for $150. After several weeks of reducing the price it finally sold. How much? $30. Not much of a profit, but a profit. The funny thing is, this was the first and only call I ever received on the sofa- The lady was sure it must be a misprint and the sofa was really $300. When I explained it wasn't, she was here within the hour to grab it up- Maybe so she can resale it? (Good Luck) In the future, I'll probably stay away from upholstered pieces unless they're really unique. Well, were getting there. I have 5 weeks left, but our airline tickets have been paid for as well as our hotel, so were definitely going, we may just not get to eat while we're there! Not really, I'm confident we will earn enough to have a fantastic family vacation. Again, thank you for sharing your resale stories with My Dear Trash- they inspire me. Love, Kelly

Ebay Profits: This week: 143.52 Challenge Total: 1539.09
Craigslist Profits: This week 90.00 Challenge Total: 1760.00
This weeks Costs: 15.00 (clothes- I had a credit from returns) -35.01 (ebay fees) -9.49(paypal fees) -50.00 (Cost to buy craigslist items)
Total Challenge Costs: 965.92
Total Profit: $2333.17


  1. Hi, Just to share my ebay top sellers: I paid $1 for a Speedo swimsuit--sold for $12.50. I paid 50 cents for a pair of plus size pants, and they sold for $10.49. Other than that though, it was pretty much a slow week. I'm hoping this week will be much better!! I found my first Eileen Fisher piece--I'm excited to post this!!! Thanks again for the inspiration!!

  2. Some of my recent finds have been: 7 For all man kind jeans paid $1 sold $44, Ed hardy shirt goodwill 1.99 sold $20.51, Piad $1 NYDJ skirt $1 sold 19.55 , and yesterday I found some Spanx pants with the tag and a beautiful Lucky brand top just those 2 items hoping to bank $50. Spanx pants retail $72 and have been selling for $30-$40 used! I have a question do you get monopoly for you or Ebay? I buy scrabble games for ebay. Well the tiles. I got 4 games worth of tiles = 400 tiles and sold them for 41.99. I always go weak in the knees when I find a scrabble game.


  3. Katie and Jaime,
    That is so impressive! Jaime, I never knew there was a resale value for scrabble pieces. I collect game pieces for myself. When I filled my jar with scrabble pieces I quit buying them at sales- I'll have to start up again. Thanks for the tip.

  4. Kelly:

    Of course we noticed! I've been waiting to see your great challenge post for the week. Congrats!


  5. The scrabble pieces were a surprise to me too. I made my sister a scrabble board with family names and words like live, laugh, love and so on. Then I framed it with a goodwill frame. When I first thought of the idea I checked ebay and I saw that the pieces were outrageous to buy. So I started buying them at garage sales. When I was done I put the close to 300 pieces I had left on ebay and they sold for like $21. I think other people make necklaces with famous people on them. After those sold I collected 4 games and sold 400 pieces for 41.99.
    :) Happy Ebaying!