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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day and Your Opinion Please

In celebration of Earth Day, Mr. Right planted two beautiful new oak trees in our front yard. I hope we all take a moment today to appreciate the blessings we have and give something back in remembrance of Earth Day.

Here's tree number 2.
On Tuesday I said I needed your help with an audition piece I’m submitting. Here’s the details I promised. There’s a fabulous blog titled So You Think You Can Decorate. In brief, they have 10 decorators, 10 weeks, 10 challenges. Each week 1 decorator will win and 1 will be eliminated from the competition based on reader’s votes. There are some prizes involved and of course the honor of just participating. So, how do they select the 10 decorators? Anyone interested can submit 1 photo of a project, room, etc. they have completed. The photo will be displayed, along with all the other auditioners, for 1 week on So You Think You Can Decorate. Readers will vote on their favorite projects and the top 10 will be part of season 2. Because you are only allowed 1 photo, there isn’t a chance to show before and after- so the photo has to be able to stand alone. The decorators of the current season are amazing and I feel I may be well out of my league to audition, but I love a challenge. So please, take a moment to vote for the project you like the best. Try to base your opinion on just the one photo and not any other information you may have read previously on my blog posts. I’d love to have at least 100 votes so I can really get an idea of what a broad audience likes. Thank you in advance for taking the time to help me. Here are the choices.

This Frame Collage was constructed from 3 different frames picked up at a yard sale for a total of $5. The cabinet below was also a yard sale find for $5. A little paint and sanding can make your dollar really stretch.
This little girls playhouse was once just an empty shell. Now she has wood floors, a mailbox, door bell and everything a girl could want.
Game boards make great graphic art. These games were picked up at garage sales for .50-1.00 each. The grommets allow the games to be pulled off the wall for play and pieces are stored in individual containers under the window seat. To give the wall a more finished look, the game board boxes were cut to make the border.
This 9' table was given a make-over with black paint and a custom vinyl quote. The quote was designed so that the two leaves can be removed and the words still makes sense.

There they are. Now, one obvious contestant that isn’t on the list is the Nursery. I didn’t feel like one picture would be able to capture the effect of the room and decided to omit it from the list. If you have a different project you think would be a great contender, please leave a comment.
Okay My Dear Trash Readers, Now take a moment to vote. Just click on your choice in the poll box at the top of the page. Thank you so much for your support and have a great Earth day. Love, Kelly

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  1. I voted before I looked at the pictures. I voted for Ivory's play house, but after reading your post, I think the game wall might be a better stand-alone picture. Make sure we know when the pictures are posted so we can all voted thousands of times!

  2. I love the orange wall with the frames! Real "arty"! Good Luck!

  3. What an awesome way to celebrate Earth Day. You've got a good husband there!!
    Take care, Sue

  4. oh my gosh you are amazing! Love the frames!

  5. Love the game wall - it is fun, and the picture catches your attention right away.

  6. Hi,
    I followed you over from the Life As Lori link party. I am now a follower of yours. I would really love it if you stopped by and visited me too. Be sure to enter the drawing if you do. Keep up the good work. Rory