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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Nursing & Top EBay Sales of the Week

When I’m tired, it’s impossible to write.

The last few days I’ve opened my manuscript only to have it stare me in the face with a blank expression.

EBay is the same way. I've had a difficult time just making out the descriptions.

As pictured below, working on EBay is somewhere in the middle of a comedy and a tragedy.

I still managed to relist 60 things last week. Keep in mind, re-lists are items that didn't sell the first week I posted them. I re-listed them from .99 cents to $2.99.

Let's see what happened.

These darling Gap Size 4 White Cropped Denim Jeans didn't sale last week for $6.99. I re-listed them at $2.99 and the sold for $20.00.

This Venezia Plus Size 20 Black Slimming Dress sold for $13.26. Sweet.

I normally don't sell tank tops, as they aren't very expensive to purchase new, but this is an Ann Taylor XL Tank Top. I re-listed it for .99 cents and it sold for $12.00. Wow!

I re-listed this Old Navy Large Black Halter Dress for .99 cents and it sold for $7.51. It's perfect for summer.

I was surprised when this Old Navy Maternity Denim Skirt didn't sell for $6.99. I re-listed it and it sold for $10.50.

These Banana Republic Size 12 Cropped Black Ryan pants sold for $11.50.

This weekend was hilarious in many ways, partly because I'm exhausted and partly because I’m a nursing factory.

Thanks to my nurse cover, I’m as mobile as ever; however I only have one hand to do things with.

I kept a list of all the things I did this weekend while nursing Eden.

I made scrambled eggs.

I chased a chicken out of my yard back into my neighbors.

I walked to the pasture to make sure the chicken made it back alive.

Chased a bird that flew into our house back outside (yes I meant a bird, not a chicken. The feather's are the proof of that fun experience).

I put on Payson’s tie (not to impressive because it was a clip-on).

Followed Reef while he tried to find the chicken.

Sweet talked Reef home, put him in his high chair and feed him scrambled eggs (not from the chicken or the bird).

Picked lemons.

Walked to my mom’s house down the street.

Made and mixed the oatmeal topping to an apple crisp and it baked up perfect (I’ve had it for every meal since yesterday morning).

Brushed my teeth.

Ate lunch (delicious apple crisp) with the counselor.

Today I’m not so tired.

Today I feel somewhat creative and will open my manuscript again. I hope it doesn't stick its tongue out at me.

And how is Princess Peanut?

After four babies, I finally learned how to wrap a baby up like a peanut.

Doesn’t she look content?


My little princess peanut is my bosom buddy, literally. I wonder what I’ll accomplish today while nursing?


  1. That is hilarious!!!!! I remember one time nursing baby #2 while feeding baby #1 and applying mascara at the same time. Seriously.....why didn't God give us more arms?

  2. WOW! that's all i can say to that. I can't imagine being able to even stand up and nurse, let alone all those other things. Meh, nursing was just not my forte. Good for you though.

  3. Such a cute ending to the post!! Sounds like your one busy lady. Hang in there! ;)

  4. I love it when you post, Laura! Especially now that time is even more precious for you than before.

    Gotta love multitasking!
    Take good care,

  5. Edie,
    I love you. Who are you? I've tried to get in touch with you to thank you for your sweet comments. Please send me an email at Thank you.