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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Put a Bird on it

I saw the clip to a new show called Portlandia that about had me falling over from laughter.  It’s called “Put a Bird on it.”
After watching this, I started to realize it's not just Portland because I’m a sucker for this trend too. 
Look at all the bird stuff I’m bringing home from garage sales and thrift stores.
A little love nest in Eden' room.  I put this nest basket on top of a vintage candlestick holder.
A vintage ornate pot holder/wall hanging (I just love that it can be both).
Bird house lamps count, right?  I love that they're all hand painted.  All they need are birds painted on them.
I purchased this collection of scrap book cut-outs mainly for the birds, turkeys too, because they are birds too.  What will I do with them?  Paste little yellow chicks and orange turkeys on anything I can find, I guess.
This barn wood vintage bird house shelf is staged to showcase more birds, even birds hatching right out of their shells.
Birds, Birds, Birds!
Someone slap me!
I’ll admit, I fall easily and the trend has a hold of the best of me.  
Bird paintings,
bird hooks,
Proudly I say, I have no problem putting a bird on it (especially if I can get them cheap)
Cheap, cheap, cheap!  


  1. Laura:

    I heard an extended discussion of Portland and this new show on NPR. Sounds really hilarious! And they had a whole segment where they visited a real shop in Portland and all the bird-type things you could buy within one square foot.

    Put a bird on it!

  2. Best of luck on your new shop!! I hope that you have many visitors and buyers.

    Mama Sarah

  3. Mwah ha ha ha ha ha! Thanks for this post! I lived 4 years in Portland, and that was a great walk down memory lane!

  4. Oh my, that was so funny!! Thanks for sharing. :) I've been following your blog for a while & wanted to say Thank You for inspiring me to sell on eBay! I was always afraid of doing it before, but with your tutorials and advice it has been easy and enjoyable (and lucrative!). Thrift store shopping has always been my FAVORITE, and now I get paid for doing it!

  5. Very funny clip! Thanks for sharing.

  6. That's Hilarious!
    Hey Laura! Susie B pointed me to your blog & I love it!!! I'm adding you guys to my Crafty Blog list ;) Can't wait to see whatelse you all come up with! Loving the creativity! I'm a garage sale junkie too so I love seeing what you guys find! Great stuff!