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Monday, January 31, 2011

Anthropologie vs. Garage Sales

Really, what is better then Anthropologie?
Being inside an Anthropologie store makes you feel happy to be alive, like you’ve done something special just because you know how to browse.
You’ll want to dress up, maybe go just after getting a pedicure.  Where some shoes with a heel, or better yet, wear clogs.
You know that shirt you never have an occasion to wear, wear it when you shop Anthropologie.  You have to dress the part or you’ll feel out of place.
Anthropologie is the greatest store, full of inspiration, cool art and high fashion but also full of hefty prices.
Occasionally, they have clearance. 
And that’s when I purchased these.
I needed fixtures for my kitchen cabinets.  
When we bought our home, the old home owners took a few thing with them when the left.
You know, things like ceiling fans, outdoor lighting, cabinet fixtures, oh, and the oven.
So, when I saw these green glistening fixtures on clearance, marked down from $24.00 to $2.99, I snatched up all 12 of them.
I later realized they are glass because once installed, these things just popped right into two pieces.  They are very fragile, too fragile for this home.
I now have 16 to return, 9 still in one piece and 3 broken in two half’s.
Anthropologie, for the right price I tried to bring a piece of you into my home, but it didn’t work out.
Now, onto garage sales!  
What could be better then that?
It’s an early Saturday morning.  I’m still wearing my pajama bottoms, slippers included, but that’s alright.  That’s how most of Mesa residents shops yard sales.
I pull my hair back into a ponytail and stick on my sun glasses.  My wallet is full of $1.00’s and $5.00’s and I tell the counselor not to hold me to a schedule because I’m not sure when I’m coming home.
First stop and I find these.
A bag full of fixtures.  They may be plain, they may not have a lot of zing, but they’re darn sure not to break into two pieces.
On the side, I also purchase this bag of vintage fixtures.  
And the price?  $10.00 for all of them.
Not too bad.
This large piece of art stops me in my tracks.  I have to have it at any cost.  
$7.00 will be just fine, but I would've paid more.  It looks lovely hanging on my wall, wouldn’t you say.
I don’t mind negotiating, but when the seller of this vintage buffet offered it to me for $2.00, I just handed him the money.  
What am I going to say?  
“Will you take $1.00?”  
No, $2.00 was a fine price to pay for this golden beauty.
Same with this hand-made coat rack.  
It has an Anthropologie feel to it.  Chic, shabby, artsy.  A formula for a great garage sale find.
I fell in love with this wood hand-carved plant stand.  
It’s dated 1954 and signed by the artist.  It would have been 10 times the cost in a nice store like Anthropologie.  I’m thinking garage sales may come out the winner here.
A Free People dress?  I’ll take that for $1.00 at my latest garage sale.  
Why, my goodness.  Free People is a brand sold at Anthropology.  I found a garage sale that combined my love for both and at a price I can live with.  
I find this vintage garment bag and I don't know what to do with the love I feel toward garage sales.
The fabric takes me to a place where dreams never die . . . a place called Garage Sale Land.  


  1. This is a great post I love it, Oh so true!
    Sometimes I find it hard to purchase household stuff or clothing brand new.. because I KNOW I can find them thrifting or garage saling for less than half the price. Getting it on a bargain means I can buy more!! lol

  2. So, I have to admit something. We don't have an Anthropologie here and I've never been in one! Some day...but for now I'm with you on the yard sales, I love the thrill of the hunt. And I had to laugh about how you told the counselor not to hold you to a schedule - nothing kills my buzz more on a Sat. morning of junking like knowing I have to be somewhere at a certain time after!

  3. I have only been to Anthropologie a few times, but you are right. I feel like I should dress up to go there!


  4. Love the finds, {as a seller, the Free People, of course!} especially the coat rack and the 2 dollar buffet. Very cool!

  5. Free people is NOT sold at Anthro. It is under the umberella of Urban Outfitters though.