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Monday, January 17, 2011

Bridal Centerpieces

I'm so excited to be helping a friend with her son's wedding. We've met with the bride to be a few times and the theme will be "Vintage". Her colors are green, brown, gold and cream. I'm starting to put together the centerpieces (no flowers, no matching). Each table will have a unique display of vintage items showcasing her colors. Here's the first centerpiece I've put together...
I'm hoping for some comments from the My Dear Trash readers so I can really make this special. Here's some up close pics of the details...

The frame will have a black and white picture of the couple.
The scrabble pieces are the couples initials and the middle piece will have the "&" symbol, cut out of vinyl with my cricut.
The vintage buttons help bring in her colors. In order to keep things cohesive, each centerpiece will have vintage books, clocks and antique sheet music. I'm also making the boutineers out of antique book pages- I'll share those later. So let me know what you think. I'll continue to share each centerpiece, as it gets created. Love, Kelly.


  1. Kelly what a FANTASTIC idea! Very original and unique. I love the first one so far. You're so creative!
    Other things that scream 'vintage' to me are fancy hair clips, brooches, metal (rusty) letter openers, anything written in fancy and scribbly calligraphy, lace, metal framed glasses, and funky bottles.
    Best of luck!

  2. I looooove it!! That's what my wedding dreams were....and then we decided to elope! It was the easy out :) A sepia picture would look pretty too - and incorporate their colors. My living room theme is vintage games -- I just made a vintage dice ($2 ish) you could make to put on there either as the base or make a smaller one. I'll have the post up tomorrow. Maybe put the numbers showing their wedding date (May 23rd have a 6,2,3 ... or maybe no one would notice that lol) Or fill a votive with a bunch of buttons in the same color family but different shades. Doily baskets (a doily with lots of startch mold it around something and let dry) You can even put it around a candle (not completely sure if I would light it lol)

  3. You absolutely AMAZE me with your creativity and the beautiful stuff you put together. Your friend is quite lucky to have you and your help. Love the idea of this, no flowers, just cool old stuff. I want to come see the finished reception, just to see how it all comes out. Keep us posted.

  4. Yeah, what everyone else has said. Seriously, Kelly, you are probably the most talented and creative person I've ever met. And what elevates your talent further is that you do it on a budget. Easy to be fabulous when money is no much harder from found trash.

    In admiration,

  5. I <3 it!! I wish I had such creativity!

  6. Looks fab so far! You are amazing. Such talent. Wish I had as much as you have in your little pinky. I like the ideas of brooches, and eye glasses. I'd also suggest spoons, stamps, maybe vintage ribbon in their colors hanging out the end of the books as bookmarks? I was wondering, are you glueing these things on for them to be kept, or are they just going to be placed? For my wedding we did fall floral centerpieces with little greenhouses in in the middle, and each of my sisters-in-laws and brides maids got to go home with one. I still have mine and love to take it out each fall.

  7. The only thing I was thinking is it needed a picture- which when I read, I quickly found out you are putting one in. I love it!
    I hope you put pictures up of their wedding.

  8. I love this idea!!! Wish I would have thought of it!

  9. I think they're perfect. I love the feel of them. It will bring a nice quality to the affair.

  10. I love this centerpiece! You are making her day such a special one, and taking the time to so what you are doing is so sweet. I always loved vintage tarnished silver, and there is so much of that around cheap. Tarnished silver platters, maybe tarnished silver sugar and creamers filled with sweet little cream colored flowers and vintage lace as a grouping. I am sure you have a great stash in your closet!!

  11. How totally unique!! This is going to be a beautiful wedding and I am anxious to see the remaining centerpieces.

    What is the significance of the sheet music and books. I am assuming the clocks are about starting a new time in their lives.