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Monday, March 1, 2010

This Weekend In a Wrap: Goodwill, Fraser Field Swap & the Garrett Tanner Benefit Yard Sale

This weekend was sweet and savvy, fun and full of surprises. This weekend was a gift. If a weekend is a party, then my weekend started on Thursday because I partied at Goodwill big time.

I saw this amazing wood chair last dollar day, when it was still $99.99.

“A used wood chair for $99.99?” I thought to myself. "That seems way too high."

Don't get me wrong, this chair is unique and wonderful, but it was either way over-priced or there was something really special about that it I didn’t understand. I checked to see if there were any markings or numbers on it and this is what I found.

Either way, I knew there was no way it was selling at Goodwill for $99.99. I looked at the week on the tag, I realized if it was still here on next weeks dollar day, it would be $1.00.

Kelly mush have this chair! I’m dying to see what Kelly will do with this chair.

So, I wait until this Thursday. I told the counselor I needed to arrive at Goodwill right when the store opened.

It’s not easy getting this pregnant body out and moving early. Mayer's artistic interpretation of my bulging belly is about right.

Me, my belly and baby girl.

I arrived at Goodwill at 9:00am. I pushed my cart to the back of the store and there sat the chair. My chair for $1.00. The manager helped me carry this chair to my car. He told me I had the deal of the year.

"This chair was looked over by our antique expert and is valued at around $250.00," he said.

It looks like Kelly and I have some research to do on Hale maple wood chairs.

I also found these wood shutters for $1.00. My mind raced. What amazing home d├ęcor will Kelly turn these into?

With Kelly on my mind, shopping at Goodwill is much more fun then it used to be.

Needless to say, I did find some great clothing for $1.00 to sell on Ebay.

Remember the brand Horny Toad. Funny name, serious re-sale. I found this Horny Toad dress and snatched it up.

Liz Claiborne continues to be a consistent seller, even styles that I may think are out dated.

I love Hot Cotton by Marc Ware. It's easy to spot this label because the linen is of such fine quality and the fabrics are alive with color. Super sweet. These Hot Cotton pants are a plus size 1X.

My trusted Ralph Lauren. This white career shirt looks like it's never even been worn. I'll take that for sure.

And for the counselor and all the boys he's brainwashed, I find this U of A plaque. Joy!

And this collection of arrowheads would bring Payson's ultimate happiness. I'll see if it's still here on dollar day next time.

Speaking of Payson, he and Mayer have been playing (a nice term for fighting for turns) with my size 10 roller blades.

They each want to wear them all the time.

These Goodwill roller blades came into my life just when I needed them.

Now they each have a pair. Funny thing is, they both still want to wear my size 10's. Hey, Goodwill can't solve all of life's problems.

Now, onto the Fraser Field Swap. I wish I could’ve dressed up vintage, but seriously! Vintage & maternity do not collide. But, look at these darling guests with their tiny waists.

The spirit of the swap was alive and well.

There were so many cool things to pick from. My favorite? Something handmade for baby girl.

A sweet compliment came to Kelly when another friend named Kelly featured her cheese dome make-over, inspired by a My Dear Trash original featured here.

The two Kelly's bond over more ideas and I witness creative minds at work.

Lastly, the yard sale for Garrett Tanner was amazing. I transfered "the apron" over to Becky and she wore it with pride.

It's funny, Becky is barely 100 pounds and I'm not, but an apron fits us both. Nice.

Jann was able to get this jumpy free for the morning.

Becky had help from Jann, Anna and Ashley.

Together, they were able to raise $600.00 to help pay for Garrett's physical therapy. Great work, girls.

And yes, Kelly, I did purchase this amazing frame for you. How could I not?

Garrett you are such an inspiration. We'll turn "trash to cash" again soon for your cause.

Believe it or not, my weekend's activities are not over. See what else happened on tomorrows posting. Have a great day


  1. GOOD JOB. WOW awesome for that chair!!!
    Love the swap thing. How fun!!!
    You look good! Thanks for popping over :)

  2. Oooh that Fraser Field Swap looked so fun!!!
    Congrats on raising funds for Garret's physical therapy!!!

  3. I saw this blasted chair a Goodwill a few weeks ago. I wanted it & I wanted it badly. However, I was debating over the $24.99 price tag. So, after I'd meandered throughout the store I thought, "That's a dang cute chair. I should probably get it for that price..." but then I noticed... I was mistaken. The tag was NOT marked $24.99 - it was marked $249.99!!!! I literally gasped & then laughed out loud - hard.

    So for you to get it for $1 is a travesty. A dagger to my heart. BUT... you are the Queen of Trash. Kudos to you Your Majesty. :)