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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Sweet Baby Girl Shower Part I

Today's Laura's shower! After making and delivering 160 invitations I felt certain we hadn't forgotten anyone. However, last night I started to worry that maybe we had. So, if you're reading this, love Laura and live in the area, you are officially invited! Here's the invite for this "Sweet Baby Girl" shower.
A paper lollipop. I designed a front and back in word (no pics of the back, it has personal information like phone numbers- I guess you have my address on the front- hope their's no stalkers out there- not blog stalkers, we love you- people stalkers-oh well) I used a fiskar circle cutter to make a nice smooth circle, then sandwiched a skewer inbetween (Mr. Right cut them down to size so they wouldn't have the spear end- safety first) I used hot glue to adhere the circles (tried to use stick glue, but the next morning most of the invitations had come apart) then tied a little bow and hot glued it to the front. We only had to mail 16 invites- the rest were hand delivered. Just an FYI- USPS charges an additional .20 per invite because it isn't flat (something about not being able to put it through the machine) Here's the Sign I made for the candy table. This has been a bit of a headache. Try number 1 was done on canvas, but the vinyl wouldn't stick down very well and I realized I couldn't sand the canvas to give it the aged appearance I was looking for. So, I started over. I made it on a little thin piece of luan (a light weight plywood) We drilled two holes to hang the sign from the ceiling with ribbon. However, last night when Mr. Right hung the sign, I thought it looked off- I'm not sure if it was the scale of the sign or the hanging from the ceiling. Nonetheless, we completely disassembled the table, made room for the sign on an easel, and stuck tulle in the drilled holes to cover them up- Sounds so tacky, but I think it will work. I'll be posting more pics tomorrow- Hope to see you tonight. Love, Kelly


  1. Sounds so fun! I live in Scottsdale and I love Laura's blog but I don't know her personally, or else I would want to come too!

    Please tell us how it went!
    You are so talented, Kelly!

  2. Hi! I met Laura the the fun Fraser Swap and I must say, you are the sweetest! I'm the one who runs the little dance studio out of my house (Resonate Dance...Alisha Sell). Anyway, I'd love to do a little give-a-way combo with you like you'd done with my friends Myla and Kelly Linton (pursenickety and Bella bellabejeweled). I can sponsor you on my dance blog and would love to be listed and highlighted on your blog. I can give away 1 free month of dance to someone interested in having their child be a new student or a free ballroom lesson for an adult or couple. Let me know! and

  3. I guess I qualify as a blog stalker. I'd love to shower Laura with PINK, but since we've never met I'll have to settle for just being happy for her!

    I wish I could've made napkins for the party though! Check out my napkins at: