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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Big Challenge Week 5

Week 5 of my 4,000 in 4 months to get my family to Disney World challenge just ended. We're moving ahead with lots of ebay sales and craigslist. I listed 54 items this week, as well as 19 relists that didn't sell last week. Here's some of my top sellers:

This 2 piece J.G. Hook suit that actually came from my own closet, sold for 11.50. I was thrilled as it was going in the garage sale pile, where I would have asked $1 for each piece.
Steve and Barry's size M, New with Tags, tennis skirt. Paid $1- Sold for $7.50
This was a wild card. When I saw this shirt for $1 at a garage sale, I took a chance. Love Junkie size small shirt. Sold for $7.00
Here's another wild card. I didn't care for the hawaiian print, but because it was Polo brand by Ralph Lauren, I took a chance. Paid $1- Sold for $8.50. This brought this weeks ebay profits to $166.25. Craigslist was a tremendous blessing this week: Here's the chairs I showed you in my garage sale finds on Monday- I promised I'd tell you how much they sold for.
When I saw these at the sale (it was already 12:00) the lady said she only wanted $15 for the set- although that was appealing, I saw how dirty they were and I only like selling things in good condition. When I walked away she said, "What if I took $10 for all three?" I just couldn't resist. Mr. Right loaded them up, we unloaded them in front of our garage, snapped a picture, posted them on craigslist, and within 2 hours, sold them for $50. Thank you craigslist. By the way, the lady who bought them is going to make slipcovers and use them as captain chairs for her dining room table- brilliant idea!
I also sold this little tykes turtle sandbox. I paid $3- it sold for $15. It took me a few hours to remove my posting on craigslist- by the time I did I had already received 3 more calls and 2 emails- little tykes is always a great resale item.
Laura found this antique teachers desk at Goodwill for $1. I had great plans to refinish it, until the next week, when Laura found another antique teacher's desk for $1 that I liked better. We posted this on craigslist and it sold for $25.
We removed this mirror when we redid our guest bathroom. Sold it for $10

Remember this sweet secretary desk I redid for Laura's shower? I paid $15 at a garage sale. After many hours of repairs and painting, she sold for $125 on craigslist.
I had hoped to go over $1,000 total profit this week, lets see how I did...

Ebay Profits: This week: 166.25 Challenge Total: 626.62

Craigslist Profits: This week $225 Challenge Total: 780.00

This weeks Costs: -36.00 (clothes) -19.64 (ebay fees) -15.56(paypal fees) -40.50 (Cost to buy craigslist items)

Total Challenge Costs: 402.38

Total Profit: 1004.24

I'm thrilled to have met my goal this week of $1,000. My goal for next week is $500 profit! That will mean needing to pick up lots of new items for craigslist. Wish me luck. Love, Kelly

P.S. I've had several people mention they'd like to know what I have on craigslist before it sells so they might have a chance to purchase it. If you go to phoenix craigslist and type in 4807102031, under the search, all of my items will come up. Thanks so much for all your support during this challenge, it really makes it fun.


  1. Wow so awesome and so inspiring, I look forward to your wed posts every week now.

  2. Kelly, where in the world do you go to do your garage sale shopping? I must be going to the wrong places because I always find duds. Your advice would be appreciated. :)