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Monday, March 29, 2010

Wicked Weekend

This weekends yard sale finds were WICKED.

If I wasn’t anxious for baby girl before, this gently-used onesie officially put me over the top. Could it be any more adorable?

It was ½ off day at Goodwill. I hardly knew what to do with myself.

My weekend was also full of Braxton-Hicks that went from timid to full-speed ahead. I called the hospital twice and was on the phone with my doctor at one point.

“Only come in if you can no longer walk or talk when you’re having a contraction,” she said.

Well, considering I’d been garaging and thrifting all day despite the painful cramping, I decided to wait a little longer. Wouldn’t you know it, after three days of contractions, they finally went away. UGH!

Mayer's interpretation of my belly is about right.

Since the counselor was working this weekend, I also had four little boys ready to shop. This always throws unexpected twists into the experience. Someone wants to go home, someone’s hungry, someone needs to use the restroom and someone desperately wants these some-what freaky Boo-Baa’s. For $1.00 each, we brought them home.

Reef is totally into tigers.

I found this beauty at a garage sale for $5.00, certain he'd love it.

I don't know, but he seems a little uncertain. Seriously, this thing is too much. At one point, it was on my bed and it totally freaked me out. It looks SO REAL. Chandler said the same thing, so Mr. Huge Tiger will be donated to Goodwill. When garage sale finds frighten your children, it's time to move on.

While shopping at D.I., or maybe I should say while chasing my kids at D.I., I found these amazing shelves in the salvage yard for $5.00 a piece. I'm thinking these could go on Craig's List for $45.00.

I found two of these large plush rugs for $2.00 each. The boys room is all wood, so these look great next to their bed and dressers.

I love this end table, which Kelly thinks could be a Lexington. I'll do some research, but for $15.00 I think it's a great piece. Very heavy and ornate.

Chandler's happy with his finds. This kid is so easy to please.

I found this unique piece at Goodwill and at half-price it was $10.00. I showed it to Kelly over the weekend and she recommended I used it to hold baby girl's blankets. Such a sweet idea, although I'm tempted to see what I could get for it on Craig's List.

Pottery Barn found me again. This little frame was $1.00.

Kelly and her Mr. Right came by and dropped off some furniture she's re-done for the nursery (click here to get a better look at this piece). I love how I'm standing right in front of the beautiful piece she finished for me.

In exchange, I had a plate of cookies to share with them. Somehow it seems like I came out way ahead in this little trade-off. Kelly is so good to me and I love this sweet couple.

Lillian, a dear friend of mine made this beautiful cover for my boy car seat. Isn't it lovely as a girl carseat! I'll be featuring more of her stuff in the future. She's WAY talented.

Reef's certain this gift is all for him.

Garaging and thrifting this weekend had two purposes: finding great trash and getting my labor going. At least one of the two was a success.


  1. You are so darn talented! What great finds! I added your button to my blog also. You are so darn sweet!! I wish we lived close to each other. You are so much fun to be around.

  2. If you want to sale, I'll buy the round table at a good mark up. Let me know!