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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Sleep Deprived and Top EBay Sales of the Week

Reef, my youngest son, just barely two, has always been a great sleeper until recently. He’s turned into a climber and crawls out of his crib throughout the night. What started out as a milestone,

“Wow, everyone, Reef crawled out of his crib. What a big boy.”

has turned into a major problem.

“Reef, you’ve got to stay in your crib. Its midnight and Mommy and Daddy need some sleep.”

Last night, the counselor and I gave up around 12:45am and Reef got what he wanted all along; to sleep in bed with us.

This has been going on for almost two weeks.

Actually, once he’s in our bed, he’s a darling little sleeper. He falls asleep within seconds and doesn’t move or make a peep all night. I do love taking a few moments to stare at his sweet little face and brush his hair aside. What is it about her sleeping child that melts a mother’s heart?

On the other hand, the counselor, practical and logical in his thinking, reminds me a new baby is coming and Reef’s nighttime routine needs to be broken as soon as possible. I understand the reasoning, really I do, but I only have Reef as my baby for a few more weeks. The transition of letting go off my older baby to welcome a new baby has always been an emotional one for me. The good news is once the baby’s here, the struggle’s gone.

Needless to say, I’ve been posting my EBay listings with Reef on my lap (or at least what’s left of it). I do my EBay listings at night and usually the kids are asleep, but Reef seems to be taking a break from sleep. Taking measurements and typing is not easy, with Reef shifting here and there, but my lap is obviously where he wants to be. I wonder if he senses a change coming? This might explain his need to be stuck to me like glue.

EBay sales of the week are super great. Things are really moving and I’m most especially excited about my .99 relist sales. They've started plenty of bidding wars and I’m making great profits off these items.

Some of my .99 cent re-list's for the week are:

These American Eagle size 12 Cropped Jeans didn't sell for $6.99, so I relisted them at .99 cents. The next week they sold for $13.50.

This darling Ralph Lauren Size 12 ruffle skirt didn't sell the first week for $6.99. After relisting it for .99 cents it sold the next week for $12.05.

And this Banana Republic Size 8 Pencil Skirt, after relisting it, it sold for $8.5o.

My top sales of the week are as listed:

This week Chico's was hot, hot, Hot. I found these Chico's pants, size 3.5, which I'd never seen Chico's go larger then Size 3. I was curious how they'd sell and they did great at $15.52.

These Chico's linen overalls are so cute and I was tempted to keep them for myself, but I gave into the EBay pressure and they sold for $14.50.

Chico's Traverlers has a huge following. These pants are made out of acetate so they never wrinkle and they have a lot of stretch, making them very comfy. They sold for $14.50 as well.

I love Fresh Produce and this was another item I was tempted to keep for myself, but being so big and pregnant leaves me feeling like I'll never fit into anything "normal" size again. Anyway, this skirt sold for $10.10.

Sometimes size 0 sells, sometimes it doesn't (my theory, their aren't many size 0 girls left in America). Anyway this J. Crew Size 0 Oriental fan skirt sold for $8.50.

The change of seasons is a great time to list items. Most of my buyers are looking for clothes for spring, so spring and summer clothes are selling great. Good luck and wish me some sleep.


  1. I meant to bid on that white Ralph Lauren skirt! Darn I missed it!

  2. Ooooh I love that Ralph Lauren skirt. Dang, missed the auction! And I feel your pain with Reef. My youngest is still getting up in the middle of the night and early morning and he's going to be 3 in August. Sigh! This is why I am tired/crabby mom all the time.