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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

This Weeks Garaging Finds

Another great week of garaging- Gotta love the spring in Arizona. Here's this weeks trash!This screen was just $10 and will be great in my craft room. Can't wait to show you how I'll make her over.
I picked up this little tikes wagon for $4- put it on craigslist for $25. However, I used it to take my kids on a walk and discovered one of the front wheels is loose and when weight is added to the wagon the wheel drags instead of rolls- such a bummer as I had already had several calls and emails of people interested! I'll have to reduce the price to $10 and describe the problem.This little chandelier is so adorable- It was just $4 and included the black check shades. I'm not sure if this is a craigslist item or a keeper.

This New Fiskars shape cutter sells for over $20- I know because I bought one to make the lollipop invites for Laura's shower. This one was just $2 and comes with replacement blades! The little shelf was $3, The primitive lamb was $1.75, the ornate frame $1.00 and the embroidered set of Family, Love, Faith was $3.These Heritage Mint Canadian Maple baskets were .50 each and will make great gift baskets. The heavy black tub with fruit candles was just $1.00

I fell in love with this vintage reproduction airplane toy- It's solid wood and will be a great accessory in my TV room. At just $3, it was a steal!

This vintage R-B Company rolling cart with handle was $5- I just love the look of it! The muffin tins were $1 each- you can never have enough cupcake pans. What a fun weekend it was finding all of these treasures. Hope yours was the same. Love, Kelly


  1. I am lovin your treasures! What a good haul!

  2. I'm dying over the screen, I need something like that desperately. Since you're keeping that one, can you find one for me? hehe
    You find some amazing stuff in your garaging!

  3. Wow ,, you are really lucky at finding great finds,, at great prices.

  4. MommyoftwinsandaprincessMarch 30, 2010 at 6:39 PM

    I hope and pray you put the Love, Faith, Family signs on Ebay. I'd bid them up in a heartbeat!!!!

  5. I have to know where (neighborhoods or part of town) you seem to find your best stuff. I am really trying to see the treasure in every peice of trash I see but then I see the stuff you find and I am in awwww.

  6. I am often asked where I garage sale- it's everywhere from Gilbert, and Chandler to Scottsdale and Mesa. What's important is not where you garage sale, but being consistent. Mr. Right and I go every Friday and Saturday. This is definitely high season, but be consistent in your area and you will soon discover the best neighborhoods for you and your style. Good Luck.