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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Big Challenge Week 4!

Week 4 of the challenge has already ended. Only 12 weeks to go to reach 4,000 for our trip to Florida. Ebay was a little challenging this week. My daughter, who helps list items, was extremely busy and we only got 23 items up for auction. Looks like it was skirt week on ebay, here's some of the top sellers:
This J. Crew Size 6 white skirt sold for $7.00
Ralph Lauren size 6 denim skirt sold for $8.00And this J. Crew size 28 denim was listed last week for 5.50 and didn't sell. when relisted this week for .99 it ended up selling for $10.03- There's just no figuring out Ebay! This week we listed 23 items and only 5 sold- however, 9 items sold from last week that had been relisted for .99. Total profits, $80.86. Craigslist continues to be steady. A rocking chair we've owned, but no longer have a place for sold for $40.00

Remember the rusted piece I bought this weekend for $25.00 each. Sold the bakers rack for $75.00! The urn is still for sale for $50.00And my freebie of the week- A non-working dryer. I took this over to American Metals in Mesa, Arizona. They unloaded it and paid me $5.05. It may not make me a millionaire, but every little bit helps. I'm looking forward to a big week 5- I have 73 items listed on ebay and more items to put on craigslist. I'll be having a garage sale in 2 weeks, so that will add to the total also. Here's the update...

Ebay Profits: This week: 80.86 Challenge Total: 460.37
Craigslist Profits: This week $115 Challenge Total: 555.00
This weeks Costs: -18.00 (clothes) -50.00 (ebay fees- OUCH!) -25.00(bakers rack)
Total Challenge Costs: 290.68
Total Profit: 724.69

I'm hoping to break $1,000 next week, so stay tuned...Love, Kelly

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