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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Country Shutters

A friend of mine saw these cute shutters in a catalog, but for the $80.00 price tag, decided to make her own. I was so inspired by her, I had to make a pair for myself. We started with a trip to Home Depot and purchased 2 1x6 boards for 12.34 and 2 packages of hinges for 4.58. We had Home depot cut the boards into 24 inch pieces. We used a scroll saw to cut the heart shapes and I gave them several coats of burgundy paint. (To do this again, I would definitely spray paint them)
Remember that free lumber we picked up this weekend when garaging? We used the 1x2 to make the cross pieces (it's only .92 a fir strip at Home Depot if you don't already have one). Mr. Right screwed them all together to look like this...
Here's the overall look in our kitchen (please excuse the dark blue blanket background- I couldn't photograph with the sun coming through the window )
Not bad for under $20- I'm thinking I might make up a few more to sell on craigslist for The Big Challenge- Maybe ask $45.00- Let me know what you think. Love, Kelly

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  1. Those are the cutest things ever. They are a perfect fit for that gorgeous kitchen of yours.

  2. Very impressive....the fact that you made them yourself AND save money...WOOOHOOO!!!

  3. I love them! I would love to have a set for my mantle on Valentine's Day!!

    I will be featuring them on my blog this weekend!

  4. Cute, cute! Thanks for sharing.


  5. Impressive! They turned out great... I'd say sell them.

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  9. How beautiful....very you made them yourself.

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  10. I also want to create my own window blinds DIY project. I am still figuring what material I am going to use. I hope mine will turn out as good and beautiful as this.

  11. I love these shutters and upper shelf. I want to try to make them soon. The photos for the blog don't seem to be working though. Is there a way I can see them?