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Thursday, March 11, 2010


One of the best things you can give a desperate writer is feedback.

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This desperate writer is happy because I’ve had some great feedback from followers of My Dear Trash. Currently, My Dear Trash is running a give-away involving a Women’s Large EBay Pink T-Shirt. Yes, you can win this shirt. All you have to do is send over your EBay or re-sale success story OR tell us about the most wonderful piece of trash you’ve every found, what you paid for it and what most importantly, what you did with it.

These stories leave me all warm and fuzzy inside, plus they’ll motivate all of us to keep shopping.

This email came from Rebecca and she says:

“My husband lost his job about a year ago and is trying to start a business. It's been a struggle but we are making it but our income was cut by $100,000. You know you would think it would have been the worst thing in the world but honestly it's been one of the best. Nothing like a job loss to make you really realize what's important. We have changed our whole mindset. This past fall I bought all my boys school clothes at Salvation Army during the 5 for $5 sales and they had never dressed better. My 13 yr old son and I laughed because he wears all abercrombie and hollister so the kids at school think we have money little do they know all his stuff came from the Sal. He doesn't care and is totally cool with thrifting, thank goodness but we just think it's so funny. I also picked up enough extra stuff to make $900 on back to school. I have also been very very lucky finding things for little that were worth a lot. I bought a little miniture ice box at a garage sale last summer, I thought it was an old dollhouse piece of furniture. I bought it for $5 and it turned out to be an old salesman's sample and it sold on ebay for $611. That is just one of my sales. I have been very blessed. I am not one of those crazy stalkers even though maybe I seem like one. I just felt you might be interested in what I'm doing since it's similar to what you're doing. We buy and sell on craigs, ebay and amazon. This past weekend i went to my local Salvation Army half off sale and picked up not only a Michael Kors dress for $3.50 (there's one on ebay same item for $825 currently) and a lily pulitzer dress not to mention a ton of other great stuff.

Rebecca, I’m so glad you sent this email over. It sounds like I have a lot to learn and I’m so excited to get out there today for $1.00 day at Goodwill. Thanks for taking the time to write your story.

This email is from Laura (what a beautiful name). Laura is the owner of Hot Foil Designs and featuring a give-away of a free box of personalized cards. Her website is worth checking out. She writes:

“I came across your blog via a craigslist post actually. I enjoyed reading it but didn’t bookmark it. I spent the next few months googling until I found it again then bookmarked it and read it stealth, until I decided to read it publicly.”

I debated evening putting a link to My Dear Trash when I post my Craig’s List items, but now I think it’s worth it. Just call me Ms. Publicity.

This email is from Jennifer, a friend of a friend who’s starting up an EBay store.

“I have been talking to my sister about something I can do to make a little extra money at home during the "slow times" ( my husband and I run a carpet cleaning business) She had mention your store on Ebay.. I checked it and you do a wonderful job! I LOVE goodwill , savers, Yard sales! I find items that I know are worth more then what they are asking but I have no use for and it just kills me to walk away from it!”

Jennifer, if you love to shop and have an eye to spot the good stuff, you should do great. Please keep me posted on your success.

This email is from a Rebecca and she found My Dear Trash through one of my EBay listings ( I have a link on my listings to My Dear Trash too). She writes;

“My husband has been teasing me that I am a hoarder and I don't blame him. Yikes. I got some great stuff today. They had the color of the week tags at 5 for $5 then all other clothes were half off. I got 2 dana buchman silk blazers for $1 each, whoo hoo and some old navy overalls cheap too. I never would have known about them if I hadn't read your blog so thanks. I don't blog, I just don't have the time. Oh I will keep shopping don't you worry. I laughed at the one post I am not sure if it was you or kelly about Christmas, the house was trashed etc and all you could do was think of going thrift shopping, oh I cracked up because I can so relate. I am just trying to make money and help contribute. Thanks again for all your info, I will be lurking.....

Rebecca, this is so true. When I get the itch to go shopping I can’t think of anything else. Besides, when I go shopping it ALWAYS turns into a great experience.

My friend Leah has gone from stay-at-home my to now the bread winner of the family. She’s working two jobs and selling on EBay. Her friends and family give her things they don’t want anymore and Leah sells them on EBay. She writes:

“I work two jobs right now and I have been listing stuff lately that's been free to me.  I haven't done the sales at Goodwill yet.  I listed some things yesterday night since it was 50%off day.”

Leah’s referring to the sales that EBay runs. Every once in a while, EBay offers 50% off listing fees, which makes it a great time to list. It’s a tough economy, but there is money to be made out there if you just look. I hope you enjoyed some of the feedback and I hope to hear from you too. Keep shopping.


  1. I just found your blog from Remodelaholic. I just wanted to post that I LOVE garage sale re-sales! I just started last summer, but am totaly gonna get into it this year, because the few items I did resale went wonderfully! I sold a nursery style rocker/ottaman for $50, paid $10, but it sold the first day on craigslist, so I knew I should have posted it higher!

    My poor husband just thinks I am crazy though, but he doesn't realize that this is going to help us pay for summer vacation this year! :)

    Love the blog!

  2. I stumbled on your blog (and others) and i love reading them. I don't like wastage and I am so pleased that the items I donate to goodwill are given a second life from the thrifty entrepreneurs like you guys. Everyone benefits: I get to declutter; give to a charitable organization; help someone earn a living; and give a shopper a great bargain! Please keep writing,!