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Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Proud Teaching Moment for this Thrifty Mom

Yesterday I took the boys to a sporting goods store. They’re on spring break and this was an outing they wanted while on vacation from school. The store is huge, with every possible sports equipment and clothing you could imagine. Chandler walked by a selection of Phoenix Suns jersey’s and his jaw dropped.

“Mom, this jersey is like $75.00!” he said, looking like he’d just seen a ghost.

This was a moment, a teaching moment; my teaching moment with my son and I was so proud of his reaction.

We rarely paid more then $4.99 for a jersey. That’s what they cost at Goodwill.

Chandler, this is what most people pay for clothes. Can you believe how expensive it is?” I said.

Chandler thought for a moment. “Mom, we can get whatever we want for so much cheaper.”

My kid knows the secret and he dresses like a million bucks.

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  1. These moments are truly priceless! I really enjoy this lovely blog-keep up the good work!