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Friday, March 5, 2010

My Day Prepping for the Baby Shower.

Yesterday was a vision of pink. It was blissful from start to finish.

My day started with sending Chandler, Payson and Mayer off to school with a kiss.

Reef enjoyed some snuggle time and then, thanks to the counselor re-arranging his schedule so he’s free to watch Reef on Thursday mornings, I waddled out the door kid-free to $1.00 day at Goodwill.

This is what I found.

It was love at first sight, but I thought, "Well, I have no place to put another chair." Thanks to Kelly's inspiration I realized I don't need a place to put it. For the right price, I can buy and sell it on Craig's List. The chair was listed at $39.99. I'd made a donation, so I had my 20% off coupon. So, for $32.00 I purchased the chair and ottoman and will list it on Craig's List today for $95.00. Yes, I did clean it up a bit and it looks like new. I'm certain it's from Z Gallery. It just has that look to it.

I was tempted to buy all three of these gigantic mirrors.

They were each $1.00, but huge and heavy and I wasn't in the mood for huge and heavy (I'm already doing huge and heavy on my own), so I passed. These mirrors are from the Gap store and would be a great home decorating project I'm sure, but I'll leave them for some other lucky shopper. What's funny and sad, is later I saw my sister-in-law Heather and told her about the amazing Gap mirrors for $1.00. This is the part of the story I should mention Heather owns a dance studio. She looked at me with this stare and said in a tone that meant business, "Do you know how expensive mirrors are?" Yeah, she would have loved them for her dance studio. Darn, darn darn it!

I found this cute Coldwater Creek Oufit. That's right, all three pieces for $1.00.

These American Eagle NWT Khaki shorts should sell great this summer.

For $2.99, I found this darling Baby Gap Button Up shirt. Eden will look so cute in this, although she better not grow into it too fast.

Fresh Produce pants sell great for summer too. These are in perfect condition.

I want to mention, I ran into our first My Dear Trash fan today at Goodwill. Jamie recognized me from the blog and came up to introduce herself. Because of what she's learned on My Dear Trash, she's now making money working from home selling on EBay. It was so nice to meet you Jamie and please keep us posted on your success.
On the way home from Goodwill, I stopped by Staples to purchase some shipping supplies. For first class mail, I use these large envelopes.

Packaging tape

Permanent markers ( found these on clearance because one marker in the set was missing).

Of course, I have a coupon from turning in my old ink cartridges.

You didn't think I'd pay full price for all this stuff, did you?

When I return home the counselor gives me a juicy kiss (love those more than anything), then runs off to work. I sit outside with Reef in the perfect Arizona weather and watch our neighbor’s yard fill with irrigation.

For those of you not from Arizona, this is how people in the desert water their yard. It’s flooded with canal water every two weeks. The ducks enjoy it too.

Reef makes a run toward the ducks and the water,

but is distracted by the dandelions at his feet. The day is blissful for him too.

I watch my sweet baby play while baby Eden kicks and squirms inside me. My heart feels the pull of letting go of one baby to welcome another.

I don't last long in this mode because like usual, I'm hungry.

The day wraps up and I'm off to the baby shower. This is what I see when I first arrive at Kelly's house. Isn't it beautiful.

The $15.00 secretary desk (click here to read the story behind this beauty) is even more incredible then I imagined. Pictures don't do it justice.

Thank you to my sweet sister, Becky

And thank you Kelly.

Thank you for all who came to welcome Eden. I am so blessed. Unlike me, Kelly wasn't opening a zillion present, so she took more photos. Read below to see more fun from the shower.


  1. Hi, I love your blog! It is because of you guys that last week I tried selling on Ebay. I listed four items and three sold!!! My greatest selling item was a pair of Chaco sandals,that I paid $1.50 for and they sold for $22.00!!! I have always wanted to try selling on Ebay,but I was extremely intimidated--so thank you both for the inspiration and courage to try! I am still a little confused on what is the best/cost efficient shipping option to choose. Do you always do first class shipping?? Thanks for the advice and daily inspiration!

  2. Katie, I am so happy you've tried the EBay way! :) I hope you have lots of success. You're qualified to win the EBay shirt. Yeah. As far as shipping goes, if the item I'm shipping is under 13 oz, I can ship it first class. Otherwise, I use a flatrate envelope. They are free at the post office and anything you can fit inside ships for only $4.90. It works great for jeans, overalls, blazers and so on. Let me know if you have any other questions. Have a great day.

  3. Oh boy was your shower darling. Good job Kelly!

    That picture of the mirror does give me a pang in my chest, but it's okay. What I'm really loving is that vintage ceiling tile BEHIND the mirror! Ha ha... so cute.

  4. Thanks Laura for the shipping advice!! Keeping my fingers crossed I win the shirt!Again, thanks for the inspiration and good luck torward your Disney World goal!

  5. Now I know why I don't shop the Goodwills in your neighborhood! I thought I was trying to avoid get beat out of the deals... Now I know it's because I'd end up on your blog - I'm not pretty when I thrift.