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Monday, August 23, 2010

This weeks Garaging Finds

As Laura mentioned, it was an incredibly HOT weekend here in Mesa, Arizona, but so were the deals. Here's what I picked up...I love ironstone. I only have a few pieces, but I scored at an estate sale this weekend. Because it was an estate sale, I had to pay a little higher price, but this one wasn't too bad. The bowl- dirt and all was $2.00, the tray .25 and the vintage monopoly game $2.00
Set of 2 metal stars, $5.00
This basket of white glass apples and pears was a splurge at $20.00- but there were a total of 14 and I had the perfect place for them- The basket will go in the next garage sale pile.
This custom made tote bag was $10.00- It will be my new church bag. It's fully lined and has lots of compartments inside. The chunky wood box it's sitting on is from the Land of Nod- It was $20- but this box sells new for over $100- can't wait to paint it up.
Set of 3 suitcases- $5.00, Another ironstone bowl for $4.00, Ironstone pitcher $5.00, Reproduction car $5.00.
Antique books, $1-$2 each (these are Mr. Right's passion), Red clock $3, enamelware pitcher 1.75, Candle holder $2.00, set of metal jacks $5.00, enamel coated iron pan $2 and vintage bingo markers .75.
I love wooden thread spools. I found these at the estate sale for $6.00- a little high, but I had to have them...
Do you see the CD/DVD holder in the back? At just $5.00, I have a great idea for it.
I picked up the accent table for $10.00- A definite craiglist item for $50
And finally, this neglected solid wood (so heavy) table was $10.00- can't wait to get this one painted up.
It was a great weekend for me, hope your was too. Love, Kelly


  1. OOOhhh, great finds! I love the CD tower, those suitcases are amazing and the ironstone-I have my own collection. The metal jacks would be a great accessory to any game room or office. Great finds!

  2. Oh my word, you found such wonderful treasures. I absolutely love your white fruit. I would have bought that in a second. All of your treasures are wonderful. Hugs, Marty

  3. Your finds are just so mind bogglingly awesome! I heart your ability to get out there and find this stuff. I am in LOVE with the giant jacks, the suitcases and the awesome blue car. Makes me want to redecorate something RIGHT NOW!

  4. Dang girl! You really scored big time!

  5. wow!!!! Your finds are just amazing!!!

  6. I so love your posts! I live all the way in the Philippines and I'm an ebay seller myself. I get so inspired with all your great finds and I am hoping one day I can find the time to do the same. More power and keep on sharing! :D

  7. You are so lucky! Several of those items would look fantastic in my house.