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Friday, August 6, 2010

Boston and Goodwill

We arrived in Boston on Sunday and took a water taxi to our hotel... That first night we walked along the Boston Harbor- here's a pic Mr. Right took of the city...

We're in such a beautiful city with so many things to do, but what do you think was tops on my list? The Goodwill Store.
Turns out Goodwill was founded in 1902 in Boston's South End by the Rev. Edgar J. Helms, a Methodist minister. Here's a little history from the internet...

The Rev. Helms collected used household goods and clothing in wealthier areas of the city, then trained and hired the poor and immigrants to repair the used goods. The goods were then resold or were given to the people who repaired them. The system worked, and the Goodwill philosophy of "a hand up, not a hand out" was born.
The organization, formally incorporated in 1910 and housed in Boston's Morgan Memorial Chapel, became known as Morgan Memorial Cooperative Industries and Stores, Inc. It provided job skills, training programs and even a rudimentary placement service. The name "Goodwill Industries" was later adopted after a Brooklyn, N.Y., workshop coined the phrase.

When I went to the local Goodwill my first question was whether or not they have dollar day- They don't have dollar day, but Sunday and Monday all items are 25% off. However, they do have a Goodwill outlet store. Enough said, the next day I spent over 3 hours (while Mr. Right was attending his conference) at the Goodwill outlet! Wish I had taken the camera- but navigating the bus and subway system had my mind so occupied I forgot it at the hotel. Imagine a room full of huge bins on wheels where all clothing is $1.50. No need to look for colored tags because everything is the same price. I had to limit myself to 20 items- we had the bright idea to only travel with one suitcase for 2 people for a 10 day trip- needless to say, I don't have much room left for purchases. I purchased several J.Crew items, a few "new with tags" items, Ann Taylor, Lord and Taylor, Gap and more. I also picked up a few items at the regular price Goodwill. A beautiful Eileen Fisher black sleeveless sweater dress- I paid $6.99 and a new with tags Fresh Produce shirt for $4.99. I'm super excited to post them on ebay and see how I did.
It just goes to prove, if you love what you do for a living (for me it's selling on ebay and craigslist) you can even do it while on vacation. So, if you're in the Boston area, check out the Goodwill Outlet on Harrison st. You'll be glad you did. Love, Kelly


  1. Love it Kelly! My mom and I plan our vacation time around hitting the area thrift stores! I have the same problem with space when I fly, so if I get enough "cheap" expensive clothing I will package it up and mail it home, parcel post. It really doesn't cost that much. :) Enjoy your vacation, I've sent your blog on to at least a dozen friends of mine, love reading it!

  2. OMG, so cool! Must go there next time I'm in Boston also :) Well done you.

  3. Wow, a Goodwill outlet! How awesome!

    Mary Ellen

  4. First of all..welcome to Boston! Just found your blog through Jen's at Denton Sanitorium...I live just south of Boston..Hope you enjoy your time!

  5. We have a Goodwill "AS-IS" center in our town. They take in items unsold at the nearest 15 Goodwill retail locations. Adult clothing is always $.99, and kids clothing is always $.49! I love, love, love it! NOTHING in the store is marked above $3.29. It gets marked down according to either WHAT it is, or what it's original price is.

    Like I mentioned- clothing has a set price, regardless of the original price. But things like Housewares are on a sliding scale from $.59 up to $3.29. Anything originally marked above $19.99 is $3.29.

  6. I recently posted about your site!

  7. Interestering about how Goodwill was founded. In my city one of the Goodwill stores has a coffee shop named for Rev. Helms, it's called Edgar's Coffee Shop. It's right inside the front door in a sectioned off area of the store. They sell coffee, of course, cinnamon rolls, soups and sandwiches. They even have tables & chairs out in the lobby. Only problem is they are as expensive as the fancy coffee shops. They do a pretty good business though. The building used to be K's Merchandise Mart so it is huge. Have you been to any Goodwills that have something like this?