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Friday, August 27, 2010

I Just Don't Get It . . . The Scene of the Grime

It doesn’t happen very often, so when it does
Everyone is happy.
Well, almost everyone.
When it rains, our favorite park turns into a flood wash
and quickly fills up with water.
Someone’s down, while another speeds by.
I do get how rain brings out the inner speed-racing
tree-branch sword-fighting
and overall adorable water loving part of my children,
but this, THIS I just don’t get.
Laurie over at The Scene of the Grime found this piece of trash,
An old worn-out falling-apart wood bench.
Image found here.
She had an idea and went with it.
Image found here.
Now, she’s able to enjoy her garden
that much more.
Image found here.
Brilliant, for sure.
Thanks for sharing Laurie.
Visit The Scene of the Grime for more great ideas.

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  1. My 2 year old granddaughter was sitting on my lap while I was looking at your pictures with me. So when the picture of the kids in the flood wash water came up she apparently doesn't get it either, she said EWWWW!

    I cracked up!

  2. Fun and games, gotta love the freedom of being a kid!!

  3. That looks like major fun! You're such a cool parent. :D

  4. Wow! Thanks so much for featuring my Trashy Art on your cool blog!!! I'm flattered big time!