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Monday, August 2, 2010

We’re going on a Trash Hunt

My kiddo’s just love the book

We’re going on a Bear Hunt

Image found here.

I modified the words to share the comings and goings of our last weekend.

We’re going on a trash hunt.

We’re going to find a great deal.

What a beautiful day?

We’re so excited?

Oh look! It’s an indoor garage sale at Kelly’s.

A big rack of clothing

A long pink wig

A game of hide n' seek

A captain’s sailing hat

We’re going on a trash hunt.

We’re going to find a great deal.

What a hot and humid day.

Are we there yet?

Oh look! It’s a grand opening of a new Goodwill.

An orange Nike shirt

A big bag of trucks

A Stitch remote control toy

A huge assortment of clothes

We’re going on a trash hunt.

We’re going to find a great deal.

I need a new lamp.

Let’s see what I can find.

I have my $5.00 off Goodwill coupon

This one’s $14.99

It will look better then my old lamp from Home Depot that never worked right

Plus, it’s retro.

We’re going on a trash hunt.

We’re going to find a great deal.

But I’ve got to get home.

I’m making rice for my sister-in-law’s wedding for 200 people.

I boil the water.

Figure out the measurements

Fret about the mess I’ve made

and leave it for the counselor to clean up.

Uh oh! It’s time to go

But I’ve got trash I need to bring in.

My $2.99 Barbie play kitchen

My $70.00 leather couch

And a $32.00 Italian leather chair

(all discounted thanks to my 20% off coupon)

We had fun at the wedding reception,

Enjoyed our time at Goodwill

And scored at Kelly’s garage sale

We run in the house and lock the door.

Phew! We had a great day.

We are so happy.

To read the words to We’re Going on a Bear Hunt, written by Michael Rosen, click here.


Jenny Matlock


  1. love it! you all are so great!

  2. Sounds like a fun and exhausting day. Wow, you did find some really neat things. Glad you had fun. The pics are great. Hugs, Marty

  3. how fun! why are my coupons for goodwill only on clothes? i want one like yours!

  4. What great finds! Which Goodwill just opened?

  5. I would like to say that you really made my day, it's wonderful when you just look around the web
    and find something like this, reminds me of that ''How to make a dinner for a romantic...'' by Elsa Thomas,
    you're a wonderful writer let me tell you!!! ñ_ñ

    James Maverick (
    3453 Rardin Drive
    San Mateo, CA 94403
    Project Manager

  6. I just stumbled upon your blog and I'm so glad I did. I love to shop Goodwill for bargains. I posted about some Goodwill finds here Check it out if you would like. These finds were just for me though.

    A few questions... Do you ship your items in boxes or those bags? Where do you purchase them and where can you get them the cheapest? I would like to start doing this also when school starts back. I will have a little bit more free time.

    Also, do most Goodwill's have $1 days? I haven't been shopping at them a whole lot but I've never seen that.

    Do you typically start your bidding at the price you paid for the item or higher?

    Sorry for all the questions but I am intrigued. :)

  7. The orange was a bright spot in each photo that had it!

  8. What fun to read...almost wish I was hunting iwth you!

  9. The orange in the photos was great!

    Have a great weekend too,


    PS Mine this week is HERE. Hope you can join me.

  10. Laura,

    What a fun and charming link to Alphabe-Thursday's summer school.

    You are so clever.

    Your family is lovely and girl, don't you have the eye for a bargain. I totally need to hang out with you! Although my husband says I already have too much clutter.

    My kids loved that book when they were little, totally love how you adapted it for this challenge.

    Thank you for linking!


  11. What a great take on one our FAVORITE books!! Wish I did as well as you on my own trash hunts!
    Your kids are too cute!

  12. Wow they are so cool and so cute great kids i guess.