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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Thank Goodness for Simple Things

Thank you Chandler and Payson for smiling for the camera on the first day of school,
even though really you felt like this.
(All the boys are wearing at least one piece of trash from Goodwill) 
Thank you Mayer for being such a great little kindergarten kid.  
Your maturity is beyond your years.
Thank you honey for rushing home for work to share fresh peaches and cheesecake with me. 
(Vintage plate $1.00 from Goodwill)
Thank you Reef for being such a good sport when I dressed you up like a little preppy yacht club sailor when we went to the party this weekend.
(Ralph Lauren shirt and shorts $1.00 each on dollar day from Goodwill)
Thank you Goodwill for selling me this Blue Fish dress. 
You can only imagine my excitement when I came home and googled Blue Fish.  
New, this dress costs about $200.00.  This is high end fashion at its finest.
I can't wait to see what it sells for this week on EBay.
Thank you Jerah for making Eden this lovely hair piece.  Since she doesn't have any hair yet, I wore it with vintage earrings and a vintage crystal necklace. I never felt so pretty.
Thank you Goodwill for selling me these J. Crew Italian Vintage Shoes on $1.00 day.  These are for you, Jerah.  I hope you feel pretty too.
Thank you Mom for bringing home three puppies you didn't need. 
Not only did you save them from going to the pound, but you knew your grand kids would love them.
Thank you Rachel, my sweet baby sister for coming to visit this weekend. 
And for being such a good sport when I asked you to try on these nasty jeans, just for fun.
(Vintage Guess Jeans $1.00 from Goodwill)
Thank you honey for making sure all the kids received a daddy's hug before their first day of school.
Thank you Arizona for making such a beautiful sky for all the children going back to school.

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  1. Ok I am in love with the puppies. why would 3 adorable puppies be going to the pound? Thank you Laura and Kelly for helping me along this Ebay journey.


  2. OK, maybe it's just me, but that milkweed dress looks like a combination between my grandmother's apron and a potato sack. If that's high fashion, no wonder I'm hopelessly unfashionable, LOL! Hope you get lots and lots of cash for it from someone who's hipper than I am!

  3. You did so well! I hope it sells for a lot.

  4. Oh my heart. Look at your Arizona sky. WOWZA! Wowza! WOWZA! I love the boys back to school pictures. How cute are they! Such a good idea to do Happy ones and Sad ones :) Clever! Will totally have to remember that when we start!

    I think Blue Fish is made near me in Pennsylvania. I have never been the hugest fan. Some girls around here are CRAZY for the stuff! : )

    The terrible jeans made me laugh and laugh and laugh!

  5. Cool front door! I love the puppy!!! What kind of doggy is that?

  6. I love the last blue shot the best,
    but all blue images are sweet and cute.
    Happy Friday!

  7. Love all the blue in this post!

    You did so well - Hope it sells for a lot.

    Have a great weekend too,


    btw My Rainbow Blue link is here!

  8. Awwww....what a sweet link to Rainbow Summer Schools color blue through and through.

    This was charming.

    And sweet.

    And I smiled through it all.

    Your family is lovely.

    Thank you for linking.