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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Postcards of Trash & Follow the Golden Graham Cash - Week #6

Here I have a 1,000 My Dear Trash postcards.
Believe it or not, I pack one of these snazzy postcards in every EBay purchase I mail out.
That's a lot of postcards with a lot of trash running through the mail.
I placed my first order of 1,000 postcards a few months ago.
I remember thinking "It's going to take a long time to give all these away."
I can't believe I've already given away 1,000 and had to place my second order.
I receive emails every week from people who've found My Dear Trash either off an EBay purchase from me or under one of my EBay listings.
Most of the time they have questions about how to sell on EBay because they want to start up their own EBay store.
I'm wondering how many of you out their actually have started selling on EBay because something on My Dear Trash inspired you.
I think it's time EBay became a sponsor, don't you? I'll keep you posted on that fun venture (once I find the time).

So, how did I do this week on EBay?

What did I purchase from Goodwill on $1.00 day off my $5.00 credit card I won in a box of Golden Graham's.
Most importantly, what did those items sell for on EBay?
I love this soft cotton
Women's Ann Taylor Loft Size 12 Black Knee Length Dress. It sold for $9.99.
Cute dress, average label. Hey, on Ethat's alright. This Charter Club Size 10 NWOT Long Summer White Sash Dress sold for $8.99.
Old Navy is a great re-sale item. These Women's Old Navy Size 16 Lowrise Green Cargo Pants sold for $10.50.
I really like shopping Amercian Eagle's clearance rack. Sometime's there clearance prices are really great, but it's hard to beat $1.00 day at Goodwill. This Women American Eagle Size 10 Chocolate Brown Mini Skirt sold for $5.99.
But I can't get to comfortable with EBay or American Eagle. This American Eagle Size 8 Railroad Stripe Jean Mini Skirt didn't sell at all.
It wasn't the best week for earning money off something I won for free, but I still profitted $30.47. That brings my grand total to $285.19. Keep in mind, I'm not deducting Ebay listing charges and paypal fees from my earnings. These costs are minimal, but I'm not motivated enough to take the time to figure them out. I pick my battles wisely.
Click here to read last weeks Follow the Golden Graham Cash Challenge.


  1. Laura do you get a lot of repeat business or people buying multiple items or would you say most of your sales are first time and single purchases?

  2. Im not sure whats going on but I cant see the majority of your script here. Its encrypted or something. Is it just me or is anyone else having the same problem? Its only on your blog this morning...cant figure out whats going on.

  3. Im having the same problem...

  4. Laura, inspired by you posts, I've just listed my first clothing finds on ebay yesterday. Here's hoping! Thanks for the inspiration.

  5. I'm having the same's written in all wingdings....

  6. Hopefully it's working better. I changed the font back to courier. Let me know.

  7. nope I have the same problem 11:42am 8/11

  8. Um, yeah, I've got the weird symbols too. Wait! Is My Dear Trash becoming a secret society? Do I have to crack the code to join? Cause I wanna join!

  9. No problem here....

    You are an "e-bay inspiration" to me!! :)

  10. Some are getting it the right way and others are getting corrupted. By golly, I will get to the bottom of this. In the mean time, any suggestions from anyone about how to do it?

  11. I see it all in "wingdings" too!

    Have you tried highlighting it and changing the font? Or is there an "undo" button?


  12. The post is in wingdings for me, as well!

  13. I think coo-koo text is a goner. Tell me if it's all good.

  14. I was unable to read it earlier, but not a problem now!
    I cant believe the American Eagle railroad stripe skirt didn't sell, I love it!

  15. Hi! I was selling on e-bay a little bit before finding your blog, but you have inspired me to take it up a notch or two and become more serious about it. Your advice and stories are great, and my sales are increasing! Thank you! If only the thrift stores in my area had $1 days!! For now I am making due with 50% off days and yard sale finds.

  16. I just found your blog last week, but it has already inspired me to start experimenting with clothes selling on Ebay! Thank you so much for the inspiration--without the push (and advice!) from your site, I might never have gotten up the courage to give it a shot!

  17. You are an inspiration I started my ebay business because of you and so far so good, although I'm still waiting for double digits but it will happen. One of these days you might want to consider doing a class on your business venture.

    BTW, where did you order your post cards? They turned out great!!!

  18. I got one of those postcards. My hubby was buying some skirts for me on line because I never shop for myself. I found one of those postcards on in a package and stuck it in my bag about a week ago. Since then I've been reading ALL the posts, from the beginning. We used to do some selling on eBay but you've reinvigorated me, restarted this week trying to get one or two items up a night of stuff we have around the house. Thanks for the motivation!