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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Miss Socialite Vintage Little Sis

Life for Little Miss Sis is all a party.  
She's quite the socialite, hanging with only the coolest of chick's.  
My sweet friend Chandra was in town from New York City. 
I can't believe in another life I was Chandra's nanny (and loved every second of it).  She's all grown up earning her second master's degree at NYU.  When she's in town, she loves to cuddle up for some princess love.  And of course, I've have the best Goodwill finds to share with her. 
Also in a past life, I served a mission for my church.  I was called to serve in Salt Lake City on Temple Square as a tour guide.  Full-time missions in the Mormon church are completely voluntary and last a year and a-half for the woman.  I met some of my best friends as a missionary and years later,  I still see many of them.  One of my sweet companions came to visit the princess.  What a bond these two all ready have.
Little Sis loves to shop at Goodwill, I know what a big surprise.  My mom comes along for the adventure. 
"Bring on the fun," Little Sis says, so off we go to Kelly's welcome home party for her oldest daughter, Amanda. 
Little Sis is in her $1.00 day Ralph Lauren checkered pink dress.  Of course, I purchased the dress before I ever knew I would even have a girl. 
Kelly loving up two princesses, her daughter Aspen and Eden.
If there's a way to have too much fun with trash, I found it with Vintage Little Sis.  Last week I had so much fun dressing her up.  I couldn't wait to do it again, so I called a professional.  Jerah is one of the best thrift store shoppers I know.
She always has something sassy on and a story to go with it. 
I called Jerah and asked if she would help with my next installment of Vintage Little Sis.  She pulled out all her vintage trash and we went to work.
This vintage dress is in honor of all Duran Duran videos.  The headpiece, made by Jerah, makes a look all her own. 
Jerah shops a website called Unique Vintage, which is where she found this snazzy swimsuit. It may not be trash, but it sure is cute.
Vintage red is classic.
Especially when you have red hair.
Wrapping things up and Little Sis wanted her binky. 
Daddy walks Miss Socialite home.  Someone needs her beauty sleep.
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