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Monday, August 9, 2010

Thank you, Neighbor

Have you ever lived next door to someone really sweet?
Have you ever lived next door to a fabulous caterer?
My neighbor is both of these and I'm spoiled for both reasons.
Remember my post about the cheesecakes?
Can I eat cheesecakes for every meal?

It started when my neighbor had a spring wedding at her house. Not only did she decorate and host, but she also catered this festive event.
The next day she brought left-over wedding food to my house; cheese balls, chicken, vegetables with dip, fruit, rolls and mixed nuts all garnished with plates full of a variety of home-made cheesecakes.
At the time, Princess Peanut was just a few weeks old. I was exhausted, overwhelmed and starving.
What a great thing to do for me.

Thank you, neighbor.

Two weeks ago I was out running errands with the kids. It was hot and the baby was crying. When I came home, I was tired and the baby needed to nurse. There were several trays of covered fruit on my counter.
I knew who had left it there by how beautifully the strawberries were displayed.

Thank you, neighbor.

Yesterday I saw my neighbor and she had tears in her eyes. A friend of hers passed away suddenly. She didn't know why God would do such a thing. I ached for her.
Today the kid's and I went picked up some flowers for my neighbor. Already at home, I had a $2.99 vase I purchased at the Goodwill Concept Store in Scottsdale.

I fill all the little vases with water.
I watch as my kid's make something beautiful.

We walk to my neighbor's house and tell her we love her, because we do.
Thank you, neighbor.

You made me contemplate how precious life is, that we should enjoy each day and not take the people we love for granted.

You and your friend's family are in our prayers.


  1. Oh this is so sweet! Talk about sweet! My friend, what a beautiful gift for her! Your kids are so cute!

  2. this is a heart pricker.
    So sorry to hear that, but I will also keep your sweet little neighbor in my prayers.
    God Bless


  3. You have such a beautiful heart~

  4. Just wanted to let you know that I love your site, and i am always (thinking about, but have yet to try) buying clothes and selling them on e-bay. when I saw this post about the vase it made me smile, because years ago I used to make those vases! it was a mom and pop set-up and i ground the glass, glued them in a jig, packaged and mailed them. It is nice to know that some are still being used, and in such a thoughful way. Thanks again for your blog and all the enjoyment that it gives.