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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Something Pretty & Follow the Golden Graham Cash - Week 7

More than not, when I'm at Goodwill I find something pretty.  I buy it, bring it home and put it away.
And then I forget about it.
It happens time and time again.
My mind will be churning and think "Now where did I put that special something I bought at Goodwill?"
Sometimes I find it and sometimes I don't.
Thank goodness I re-found these great one-of-a-kind dishes. 
Something vintage,
something artistic,
something practical,
something trendy.
All I have to do is add the food.
Plus, these finds are cheap, ranging from .99 cents to $5.99.  
If I'm bringing a fruit salad to your potluck, most likely you'll find it served in a conversation piece like one of these beauties.
I'm always happy to tell you I found it at Goodwill.
So, how am I doing making money?  Free money, I should say.
It's all good news around here.
Like I've done for the last seven weeks, I purchased five "dollar day" items at Goodwill with the $5.00 credit card I won in a box of Golden Grahams .
Here's what I found and what they sold for.
I found this Women Faconnable Size 16 Long Denim Jean Straight Skirtfor $1.00.  It sold for $11.00
I've seen these shirts around town and they seem really popular.  This Women Life Is Good Large Lady In Hammock Green T-Shirt sold for $19.00.  It was in perfect condition. 
I had a customer request a "buy it now" on these Talbots Woman Size 16W Denim Cropped Jeans.  The sold for $8.99.
I was surprised when these Chico's Travelers Size 2 Black Large Acetate Pantsonly  sold for $9.99.  I've sold these for up to $40.00 before.  Maybe summer does it.  Who wants black pants in the summer anyway?
I posted this cute Women's Express Medium Purple Long Skirt and it didn't sell.  Better luck next week when I re-list it.
 So, how did I do?
Once I subtract the original $5.00, I made $43.98.
That brings my grand total to:
To see last weeks post on Follow the Golden Graham Cash, click here.
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    1. Love your Goodwill finds! Great job on your ebay sales! I've had a few sales since I started :)

      Mary Ellen

    2. Great dishes! I've noticed the Life is Good shirts have a great resale value. I've never been able to find a Goodwill that does $1 days though. I've even called around to some local ones with no luck. Have you came across many that offer that?

    3. So when someone asks to "But it now" - do you? I'm always torn between waiting to see if it could go higher or just taking the profit and running with it.

      What do you think?

    4. You found great deals. I love that you checked on the prices.

    5. wow...such great deals at goodwill. i swear, the only time i find anything i like at goodwill, it seems to be something i donated the week before :)....i don't think i am shopping there near enough!

    6. All that at the Goodwill store? Well done! We have something similar to 'Goodwill' here in Sweden called 'Myrorna' (literally 'Ants' I don't know why it's called that!) and there you can buy used clothing and furniture just like at the Goodwill store. I bought a night stand and made it into a tiny desk for the children to sit at an 'write'/draw at.
      You have to have your eyes peeled though, to find what's usable. And that you have!

      Best wishes,

      Anna's Rainbow Greens

    7. love the fruits...
      cute greens on the bottom list...

    8. wonderful finds at the goodwill store! I love that first dish!

    9. Well you are really enterprising. Good for you! Good luck with your little side business.

    10. you are good at that! Wow. I am impressed.

    11. I have issues with my memory and a friend suggested a wonderful tool. I keep an Excel spreadsheet titled "I put it where". I enter the item and where I put it. It has saved me a lot of stress and frustration.


    12. Let me know when you start your investment advistor business.

      Sounds like you really know how to grow the cash, girl.

      What a fun, informative and amazing link to Rainbow Summer Schools journey through the color GREEN!

      Really enjoyed this link!