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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Follow the Golden Graham Cash - Week #5

Holy Cow.
Has five weeks already come and gone since I started this silly game, but making money is fun so let's hear it for trash. To read last week's post, click here.
Here's my $5.00 credit card I won from a box of Golden Grahams.
Yes, it's been colored on by my kid (not sure which one did the damage), but it still is somewhat presentable.
How did I do this week?
Well, let me tell you. I am tired. Tired of the heat, tired of no sleep, tired of a sticky kitchen floor that squeaks every time I walk over it. The last thing I felt like doing last week was EBay, but week's fly by and I know if I don't post anything I'll regret it big time. I have the trash, I have the camera and the computer. With a little motivation from the new John Mayer CD playing in the background I got to work. I'm so glad I did. I earned $350.00 this week.
From those earnings, I'll show you the five things I bought from Goodwill with my $5.00 winning credit card.

These Women's Gap 1969 Size 16 Cropped Denim Gaucho Jeans sold for $31.00. Aren't they so cute. I love Gauchos. They remind me of a pair I made in Home Economics when I was in 8th grade. I was styling with my gaucho's and my knee-high socks. Oh,my! Good times.

This lovely pair of Venezia Plus Size 22 Denim Jean Skorts Shorts sold for $9.99. I've never worn a pair of skorts, so unlike the gauchos, I have no sweet story to share, but for some reason, the word skorts reminds me of a:Don't you love when two of your favorite things are combined to make something amazing like skorts, sporks and broccoflower?

I love these Women's Seven For All Mankind Waist 29 Cropped Jeans. I listed them at $14.99 and that's what they sold for.

I have really good luck with the fabulous label from Sigrid Olsen. This Women's Sigrid Olsen XL Black NWOT Short Sleeve Shirt sold for $8.99.

This Women's Harley Davidson XL 1W LSparkle Dragon Shirt sold for $19.99.

Remember last week when my Eileen Fisher 100% Silk Small Red Long Sleeve Shirt didn't sell and I was so sad about it? Well, I re-listed it at $2.99 and it sold this week for $10.58.

Did I earn enough to get my tough new vacuum?
I did.
Once I deduct the $5.00 to shop for next week, I made $90.54.
Can you believe it. I'm pretty excited.
My earning for 5 weeks off a winning $5.00 Discover credit card is $254.72.
Man, that's going to be one sweet vacuum.


  1. You are amazing! And quite a HERO to the rest of us frugal chicks!

  2. That's amazing! You've inspired me to start listing some of my Goodwill and yard sale buys on eBay. So far I've got one bid. I guess that's a start!

    Mary Ellen

  3. are your profits true profits? You don't list what the listing fees and selling fees are. That was a real whamy when I tried this. I like your ideas but please try and list your profits as true profits.

  4. Awesome week for you! My problem as of late is I enjoy the shopping way too much and easily end up with $100 spent and lots of bags of clothing. Thankfully my $$ has been coming back this week. Whew!! I know exactly what you mean, I'll not feel like posting but then know that I'll regret is if I don't. Especially on the days when the postings are free (first fee) like the last couple days.
    I should ask though, whats the benefit of havng an eBay store to not having one?

  5. It's true, there are EBay costs associated with this challenge and I haven't assessed what those are. They are minimal, but it is important to point them out. As far as the benefits of an EBay store vs. not? I'm not really sure. I do have an EBay store and I know I save money on my picture uploads. I will also look into that aspect. There are a lot of things about EBay that I don't utilize and I would encourage you to read into their policies and procedures. Thanks for your great input.

  6. How incredible are you?!!! This is my favorite segment you do. I love seeing what sells and for how much. Every time something big sells I think "she deserves that"! I love this so much. You're amazing!

  7. You bought all those items for $5?? That's an amazing profit! WTG!