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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Vintage Little Sis

Little Sis peaks over my shoulder and wonders what I'm up to.
Little Sis is my #1 accessory because she accentuates everything I do.
I think she is the most beautiful princess I have ever seen.
Little Sis is with me when I find a group of vintage sketches at Salvation Army on 1/2 day.
You would never know it now (probably because I'm lucky if I can just find something clean to wear), but I used to be
so into fashion.
I've told you before.
I was the girl who wore retro dresses, platform shoes and all.
I was the girl who wore a vintage a-line skirt, PEACE t-shirt and 1960's fashionable scarf.
So, when I find these prints, they remind me of my love for fashion.
I must have them.

The frames are amazing. I especially love the detail of this one. Her expression is timeless.

Little Sis is with me when I pay $7.50 for the three smaller prints and $12.50 for the two larger ones.
The artist's name on two of the sketches is C.K. Styles.
Of course, I must google who he or she is.
When I google C.K. Styles, all I find is a link to a lovely blog on vintage Cath Kidson (hince, the C.K.) wallpaper.

Image found here.
Not quite what I'm looking for, but hey, it's interesting to read about different styles of wallpaper for a change.
I still don't know who the artist C.K. Styles is, but I'll do a bit more research.
I love finding vintage clothes at thrift stores, it's just I don't get the chance to wear them like I used to.
I've never sold vintage clothing on EBay, but lately I've found some great pieces. I might sell them on EBay someday, but today
I decide to let Little Sis try a few of them on.
My inspiration for this idea came from a lovely blog called
Mila's Daydreams.
Adele Enerson is a new mom of a beautiful little girl named Mila.
When her baby naps, she capture's possible daydreams. Here are a few of my favorites.
Surfer Girl

Imaginary Friend

Rock Star

Images found here.
I spend most of the weekend looking at these amazing photographs. I think Adele Enerson is very talented.
I try something similar with Little Sis. I call it Vintage Little Sister.
I take a few of my favorite vintage pieces from the thrift store and dress her up.

Here she is in a very special vintage dress; my mom's dress she wore to her wedding breakfast.
Little Sis wears a scarf the bridemaid's wore at my wedding.
I think Little Sis enjoys her time being all "vintaged" up. I know she like's shopping vintage too. She told me so with a little smile and drool.
The counselor and I love our sweet little vintage girl.

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  1. I love this posting. How wonderful to have such an obliging model. Cant wait to see what you do with her when she is walking

  2. cute!

    I love the vintage prints! Lately I've been so into vintage dresses. Still looking for a good place to score vintage dresses at a reasonable price in our area.

    Mary Ellen

  3. Love love love the prints! And I love the gold tier skirt, HOW much and what size? U rock my friend!

  4. What sweet and lovely model she is!

  5. What a beautiful mother and daughter! I love reading your blog. I'm a military wife who has always dreamed of shopping trash and selling on ebay! Can't wait until I get back to the states! It's on!

  6. I love the Surfer Girla nd Rock Star. But they all made me giggle.

  7. The Surfer Girl photo is just adorable. And I love the shots of Little Sis in all her vintage finery! Fun post.

  8. beautiful beautiful you should call it...bkm

  9. You need to find one favorite outfit (of yours) and take a picture of Princess Peanut in it every year at the same time. Then you can line them all up and watch her grow into it. Can't take credit I saw this idea online somewhere. Dad was a cop and used his uniform each year on the son's birthday. It was great!