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Friday, August 20, 2010

Let Go Of Pressure

Remember when you were in high school or college and you didn't want to study for that final exam?
I remember doing something else for a while because studying tons and tons of material was too overwhelming to face?
Remember preparing to write a research paper?  
I would always put it off for few days?
Remember how it felt so much better to just make cookies instead?
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Or call a friend?
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Or do laundry?
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Or take a really long bath?
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In many ways, I haven't grown up.
I might work better under pressure (yeah, water pressure from a nice hot shower), but that's not the point.

When I have so much going on, 
lists and lists of must-do's, 
"Please Mommy, I want that", 
unshaved legs, 
"Now, Mommy"
crashing computers and dirty dishes,
barking dogs,
an abandoned melting popsicle on my kitchen floor,
  a pedicure and library books way over due,
no more band-aides in the house,
"Mommy, I need a band-aid now!"
 and making dinner is the last thing I want to do. 

I work on EBay or
I go thrift store shopping
or I go to a book store.

And I just might pick up some band-aides on the way home.
And when I do get home, I"ll make cookies for dinner.
In so many ways these outlets are my therapy and I'm not ready to grow up.
What do you do to avoid grown-up responsibility?


  1. I play with spray paint (painting trash to treasure finds), play in the dirt (my garden), play dress up (with my new Goodwill finds) or make things pretty (arrange flowers, make a new centerpiece for the table, wreath for the front door, etc.)

    Mary Ellen

  2. This post is so true. I often find myself doing one "chore" to avoid doing another, rationalizing that both need to be done so I am being productive when I am really stalling hoping someone else will pick up the slack. It does not work. I may say I have to give the dogs some yard time and I have to supervise, or say I need "just a few" minutes to link up to blog hops when, like the previous poster said, I am reading blogs.
    I may even organize the books I brought home from last weekends sales.