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Monday, April 5, 2010

This Weeks Garaging Finds

Here they are! One of them looks like it almost belongs there. Can you guess which one? This weekend I purchased this mantle for $20. Although it looks great on my hearth- I plan to relist it on craigslist.The broken table may seem like trash- but for just $3, it will make the perfect victim for my next redo.
More frames! I know, I know. The big one was $1 and the smaller one $4- I promise, I have a really good idea I'm working on.
This Bumbo seat with tray was just $5- I'll try reselling on craigslist.
Love this dress form for $1 and the plaster urn for $2This little clock was $1 and I scored with 2 monopoly games at .50 each. The NFL version has the coolest pewter pieces and the dice are shaped like footballs.
With all of these treasure you'd think it'd be hard to pick a favorite, but here it is... This little Rody toy retails for $45-50 and I picked it up for $1. It needed a little air and a few chorlox wipes, but it was good as new for my little 1 year old on Easter morning. Oh, and the adorable Gymboree dress she's wearing- .50. Even with Easter weekend we found awesome trash! Hope you had a great one too. Love, Kelly


  1. Awesome finds! Can't wait to see the transformations!

  2. FUN!!!I am going to try my hand @ some trash to cash soon!!!

  3. My favorite is the urn. I found two and distressed them and put them on my hearth. Looks great. You did find a lot of things. the mantle is to die for.

  4. wowsers! you scored. love the picture frames - something i am always looking for when i go thrifting! great finds. love you!

  5. You got some awesome deals. WAY TO GO! Be blessed. Cindy