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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Payson's New Shoes

Throughout the years, I’ve found great shoes for my boys at thrift stores.

Dress shoes, sandals, flip flops, snow boots, roller blades, heelies, tennis shoes, etc.

Image found here.

However, as my big boys grow bigger, I find less and less used shoes for them that are in decent shape. Let’s face it; boys wear shoes out long before they’re ever donated to the thrift store.

I’m learning new shoes are the only way to keep their feet covered and a smile on their face.

Last week I took Payson shoe shopping for his birthday. I was on the look out for a great sale and found one nearby.

Shopping at a department store is a reality check on how expensive things really are. They don’t have a dollar day, that’s for sure.

Payson found a great pair of shoes and was thrilled.

The price was right so I was happy too.

My favorite part of the experience was Payson’s reaction.

All day long our dialogue went like this:

“Mom, do you want to see how fast I run in my new shoes?”

And I watched him run.

“Mom, look at how I dance in my new shoes.”

And I watched him dance.

Easter morning was more about the shoes then anything.

Did you know you find more Easter eggs when you’re wearing new shoes?

That’s what Payson thinks.

“I’m faster then everyone else,” he convinces me.

That night he asked if he could wear his new shoes to bed.

I thought of where the shoes had been that day. . . two dogs in the yard and an Easter egg hunt.

“No, Payson, wearing shoes to bed is not a good idea,” I suggest.

I went to check on him later. I'm certain he's dreaming about his shoes.

This is what I find near his bed.

He’s new shoes look pretty comfy, don’t they.


  1. thanks for your comment on Sugar and Spice. It looks like you are quite the thrifter. I'm coming back at a later time to read about how ebay found you!

  2. i love Payson. That kid is amazing. This story had me giggling!