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Friday, April 30, 2010

Faux Leather Finish

The youth in our church are performing Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat tomorrow night and I was asked to make one of the props- A giant sized Bible. If you haven't seen the show, The Bible is what the narrator reads from as she tells the story of Joseph. When thinking about the design of this prop, I wasn't sure what the base would be. I could always use luan (a really thin plywood that we like to use for sets in the theater) or cardboard, or just a really big book. Mr. Right was looking over the Monopoly game I picked up last weekend and mentioned that the game board might be the perfect size. He was right. Here's the before of the game board.I did a little search on google to find a faux leather treatment. Flower Foot Designs has the best tutorial- you'll have to check out her faux leather wallet- it looks amazing, but is made of paper. So that's how I started my project. A spray bottle of water and a stack of brown cardstock I picked up at a yard sale a few months ago.
First lightly spray your paper- I did front and back. Then wad it into a ball. Unfold and wad a few times until it's distressed to your liking.
Unfold and let dry. Here's all my sheets drying.
Flower Foot Designs puts a nice texture on hers- but I don't own a cuttlebug so this is what I did. I used a brown ink pad and ran it over the paper. This allows the raised areas to pick up the ink. I then tore the paper into random pieces and used tons o' modge podge to stick it to the game board and protect it.
I smoothed out the paper as I went and this is how the game board looked after being covered- front and back.
Now, to make it look like a Bible. I cut out Holy Bible on my cricut, but removed the letters and used the vinyl as a stencil.
I then used a gold paint pen to fill in the letters.
When I removed the vinyl stencil this is how the finished book turned out.
I'd say it looks pretty good. Can't wait to see these kids perform this fun musical. I know not many of you will be required to make a large Holy Bible in your lifetime, but I thought this would make the coolest wall treatment. It's as sturdy (if not more) as wallpaper and has the greatest texture. Hope you enjoyed. Love, Kelly.

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  1. Kelly, that turned out fantastic! You did a great job with it, and I'm sure it will look great on stage!

  2. That's great!!
    I love the gold lettering!
    I think I need a cricut- I am feeling left out- everyone has one!
    (But I am still content with what I DO have).
    I have never seen Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. I have wanted to!
    I do act in skits now and then at our church (I am part of the "troupe"), but my main gig is in the praise band :)
    I am glad you shared the super-size idea- you never know when it may come in handy for anyone to have the know-how to make a large book- God's Word, or not.
    Blessing to you as you make your home!

  3. WOW...This is so cool!
    I have a French obsession and give away on my blog. Don't want you to miss it.

  4. The game player in me wants to say, "You ruined a perfectly good game." But I guess it went to a good cause and it looks fantastic.

  5. Holy Bible Book Divine! What a great solution! Fantastic! Go-Go-Go, Joseph....!