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Monday, April 19, 2010

Can I eat cheesecake for every meal?

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My darling neighbor, Kristen, mother of 4 beautiful red-headed children, professional caterer and impressive church volunteer extraordinaire held a wedding at her home this weekend (hence, the whole volunteer thing. She volunteered to do this for a couple from her church).

I’ve watched her work all month, painting the exterior of her fence, planting fresh flowers, running the lawn mower like a pro over her winter grass while the baby watched with delight in his bouncy chair (Look at my cool mom, he’s thinking). The last touches, an array of Christmas string lighting hanging like stars from the sky, attached to tree branches over the 40 tables and 300 chairs in her backyard. It was beautiful.

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I play many roles and Saturday night, with Kristen’s blessing, I played wedding crasher. I walked into the backyard and witnessed a fairytale reception, packed with people, dancing, eating, and celebrating. And where was Kristen? She was at the punch table, serving up drinks for the guests.

I complemented her on the amazing event and we chatted for a bit about the neighbor who called the cops (cops didn’t do anything, Kristen had not broken any law), discussed how the trampoline assisted the groom in putting lights in the trees and then how said trampoline was moved into the cow pasture (a trampoline at a wedding reception is sure to be trouble).

Kristen greeted each guests and made sure everyone was comfortable, happy and well-fed including me, the neighborhood wedding crasher.

She took me into the kitchen and I about fell over. 25 home-made cheesecakes (all made by the mother of the bride) sat in white boxes, waiting to be feed to the masses. Every type of cheesecake you could imagine; lemon, chocolate macadamia nut, cherry, coconut, etc. For this sleep deprived mom, I had to pinch myself to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. Did I mention I love cheesecake?

Kristen then showed me the buffet table arranged out on the patio. She handed me a plate and I filled it with the best wedding food I’ve every had: veggies, fruit, little sandwiches, meatballs, cheese dips, spinach dip, chicken kabobs’, etc. The counselor, watching the baby at home, had no idea I was about to walk in our front door with food to delight for sure.

What is it about good food that makes me feel so loved? Since Eden’s birth, I’ve had friends and family bring over delicious food. Don’t think I’ve been deprived, but this wedding food was just what I needed to get through a week of very little sleep and engorged . . . well, you get the idea.

The counselor and I were like two little kids at Halloween. We giggled and ate and called “dibs” on this and that. Oh, what a night.

But this is not the end of the story, oh no. What happened the next day? Kristen, mother of 4, professional caterer and super sweet neighbor came over with a huge cardboard box of wedding food and yes, cheesecake. And she thanked me for taking it, like I was doing her some huge favor. Don't you just love friends like that.

So my question is can I eat cheesecake for every meal? Because there it sits, waiting for the pleasure of my hormonal taste buds. Let the party begin and thanks, Kristen.


  1. I say yes... you can have cheesecake for every meal.. Can I come over and have some too? I think I could make myself sick on cheesecake but it's so worth it.. I hope ya'll enjoy all the cheesecake. You might want to freeze some of it so it doesn't spoil before you can eat it all. Now I'm craving cheesecake... yummmmm

  2. I am so trying to use my imagination to see the gorgeous wedding...I wished you took a picture or two. But I imagine it was just lovely. And cheesecakes? my favorite! You lucky, girl! Go ahead and have it for dinner tonight.

    BTW I signed up to follow your sweet blog...

  3. You just had a baby and are nursing, you can eat anything you want. That was my attitude. Cheesecake is my favorite too, my mom has the best easy recipe for real baked in the oven cheesecake, yum!

  4. Sometimes, Cheesecake is best served for the meal, instead of with the meal. Well, for me it's ice cream (shh.. we had shakes for 'dinner' tonight, and chicken for dessert...), but I imagine it works with Cheesecake just as well!

    Enjoy your bounty of good food!

  5. Now I'm not a huge cheesecake fun, but I'm going to answer a resounding YES! One thing about this time in your "engorged" state is everything will be getting sucked out of you anyway. It's like natural liposuction! Well, maybe not. But my answer is still YES! Enjoy. :)

  6. Oh my goodness! Yes, your nursing right? So, if you consider that you burn anywhere to an extra 500+ calories a day, that means you can Cheesecake whenever because you know you need the calories! Hey, just a little help in the justifying department LOL!