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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Big Challenge Week 9

**Laura and Baby Eden are doing well. Hopefully we'll have some pics up in the next few days**

Six more weeks to earn 4,000 to take the family to Florida. This week I was a little nervous as I only listed 12 items on ebay. I arrived at Goodwill right before they opened, but the racks seemed to be empty. Thankfully, I had 27 relists that didn't sell last week so there was some hope. Here's the top sellers... These Old Navy, low rise, size 24 jeans sold for $11.00. It proves that the larger sizes really do well.
These overalls sold for $9.99. Even though they're cherokee brand from target, overalls seem to be an ebay favorite.
I picked up two pair of these New with tags, size 8, union bay boys cargo shorts at a garage sale for $1.00 each. The black pair sold last week for $5.50- The brown pair didn't get a bid. I relisted them at $2.99 and this week they sold for $9.88. You can never predict ebay.
We had a garage sale! My kids are amazing and agreed to run the sale so Mr. Right and I could go garaging ourselves. They took in $117.25- Not bad. Craigslist picked up a bit this week, heres my sales...
These metal tiki torches were picked up at a yard sale for just $5.00 for the pair. They sold this week for $40.00.
Remember my custom table I painted? Laura purchased this for $50 in hopes of refinishing it. She regifted it to me and it sold on craigslist for $200.00. I'll give Laura half the profits, so she'll double her money on this one!
Here's the antique bed I bought for $15 from a garage sale. I sold it for $40.00 to a lady from craigslist who plans to...resale it!

I've already got a few craigslist customers lined up for next week for the mantle and some home decor stuff so wish me luck. Love, Kelly

Ebay Profits: This week: 122.45 Challenge Total: 1329.34
Craigslist Profits: This week 280.00 Challenge Total: 1225.00
This weeks Costs: -14.00 (clothes) -9.81 (ebay fees) -8.84(paypal fees) -20.00 (Cost to buy craigslist items) -100.00 (profit to laura)
Total Challenge Costs: 789.01
Total Profit: $1765.33


  1. Your doing good! Hopefully you will make your goal!

  2. Wow! Your making a killing! I need to do this too. Did you just set a goal and then go for it or have you done this before?

  3. Kelsey,
    I set a goal for $4,000 because that is what it will cost to get my family out to Florida to visit my oldest daughter who is interning with Disney World. This is the first time I've done anything like this, however, when we return, I may set a new goal so I can redo my Master Bath. Thanks for the comment.

  4. The antique bed is absolutely gorgeous! I can't believe what a deal (even at $40). I live in east mesa and found you on craigslist. I wish I could garage sale like you. With 4 small kids I haven't got the motivation to get up and out and make sure I have cash. Now I am thinking I should try harder!

  5. I just love your blog! I have been following your for awhile and look forward to all your posts!
    I am giving you an can pick it up on my blog!

  6. This is my first time here (via nifty thrifty tuesday). I'm amazed at your profits. I too pick up deals at thrift stores and the curb, but never tried to sell. I will definitely have to get more motivated! I'll be back to check out more....