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Monday, November 21, 2011

My favorite garage sale find? A wig box.

I haven’t been garage sale shopping for weeks and weeks.  With a husband who works most Saturdays, it’s a bit overwhelming to consider taking care of all 5 kids, let alone running around to garage sales.  When the weather cools and every community is having large rummage sales and just a run to the grocery store I'll encounter 20 yard sale signs along the way, it’s easy to see why Saturday mornings I go through shopping withdrawals.  So, this Saturday, with the counselor home, I asked if he’d watch the kids so I could go have some fun.
My first 20 minutes out, I found this crazy huge credenza for $10.00.  This beauty is 98 inches long.   I’m not certain if I’ll paint it or not, but I already listed it on craigslist.
I found Eden a Madame Alexandra doll of her very own for $10.00. 
My favorite find was this vintage suitcase for $5.00.  I laughed out loud when I zipped it open.  It’s a wig box, mannequin and brush included. 
This little dresser was $10.00.  I can't wait to paint it up, maybe a robin's egg blue.
The antique church pew was $20.00.  I think this will go down to the shop at QcumberZ.
Vintage tamborine?  Why not.  Teather ball new in box?  Why yes, thank you.  Vintage clock radio and game all $1.00 each.
Retro bar stool for $2.00.  Love it.
This chair with the original fabric is very Anthropologie and for $10.00, I'm certain I can flip it for a profit.

Note to self:  Never run into to Costco while the car is full of yard sale finds.  It got very crowded in here.
Shopping trash on Saturday was busy, so Eden and I took it easy Sunday morning, browsing the latest Anthropologie catalog.
I loved the great clothes, but Eden loved looking at the chicken and horses.

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