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Monday, November 14, 2011

Something’s were meant to be white

Something’s have to be white, like:

A white Snowmen, or should I say snow person, I do want to be politically correct.
White Marshmallows, but not always.
White Paper, for printing off a resume or research paper.
If a white shirt isn’t crisp white, I don’t want it anymore.  Nothing’s worse then a dingy white shirt.
A White wedding dress.
An angel's White wings.

What about this beautiful Armoire with the French curvy legs?
I love it.
I listed it on craigslist as-is, but not a single call.
The moment I first laid eyes on it at the thrift store, I new it was meant to be white.  I could see it in my mind.  I would be the one to bring this piece of trash to its potential, to make it shine and reach its glory.
I used an heirloom white (Kelly's favorite), a creamy white with a hint of ivory.
A bit of distressing and I loved how it turned out.
I’ve re-listed it on craigslist and I’m curious to see if it sells now that it's painted white.
Now, this amazing retro credenza is such a funky piece of furniture, but is it meant to be white?
A client of mine wanted to purchase it and she requested I paint it a white.
A few days later, she changed her mind and no longer wanted it because she didn’t have the room, but I still thought I’d paint it white and use it in my living room.  
It seemed like a great idea.
White paint makes everything look better, right?
Mid-century furniture does not look good painted white.
No, no, no.
Mid-century furniture does not look good when it's distressed and stained.
I'm not sure what it is, but the white seems to wash it out.  It's no longer funky, it's calming and that's not the direction I wanted to go with this.
This credenza begs for a color that's loud and in your face.
What do you think?
I’m a bit worn-out to re-do it.
My mother-in-law came over and looked at it.  I asked her advice.  She told me furniture was not white in the 1950's because the 1950's were about rock n' roll.
What color is rock n' roll anyway?  I wonder.
Maybe next year I’ll paint it some funky mint green or a jazzy blue.
So, what about this antique wood cabinet?
What color should I paint it?  


  1. Oh my goodness! It's a bummer that customer wanted the Broyhill Brasilia credenza painted white. It looked amazing! Up here in mid-century loving Portland it might have sold for $400 depending on condition. Could you strip it back to stain it? Its hard to envision Brasilia in color. I would say black if you must paint it.

  2. I agree with Black... or maybe red?? Those two colors scream rock and roll to me. But yeah it looks bad in washed out white. So sorry. I can't even imagine the work of stripping and restaining. Go with black.

  3. Here's some ideas:

  4. Cobalt blue! Striking and loud...just like the 50s rock & roll. ;-)

  5. The Armoire looks gorgeous in white, I adore it!
    Although had I found the credenza I would have been CRAZY excited and bought it in seconds.
    When I have the room it is one of the top items on my to get list.
    (Although I would never paint it. I would only buy one in it's orginal state.)

    Furniture like that usually sells quite well and fast to all on the vintage loving people.

    But you are known to work wonders.. so I do know when you have the time and the want to change it up, it will end up coming out gorgeous.


  6. This credenza was so scuffed up, plus it had a huge crater gash in the top of it, like someone took a knife to it and picked at it for a while. I can't wait to check out the links listed above. You guys give the best advice and really do your research. Thanks.

  7. I say paint the wood cabinet white or cream :-) You know, I never was a "white" person when I painted, because I did not want to get locked into a "shabby" look. But it sells! And I think the credenza would look great in black too. Or a chocolate brown & silver hardware. Love the armoire you prettied up! You are re-creating yourself, and doing such a great job Laura!

  8. The little cabinet screams robin's egg blue or a bright turquoise to me.

  9. I love the armoire! I have no ideas on colors for the other items but can't wait to see what you decide on!

  10. If you are ever brave and up for a little fun...I would love to repaint the dresser for you and surprise you. Though it probably seems wierd having someone you don't know paint something. But I think it would be fun. ;)