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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A Princess Dresser For Becky and Her Baby

My beautiful sister Becky is 8 years younger them me.  She was my first baby doll.  I remember playing dress-up with her, doing her hair and singing her songs. As we’ve grown older, Becky plays a special role in my life.  Not only is she one of my best friends, she’s my personal cheerleader.  As a little girl, Becky loved gymnastics.  She was always flipping and cartwheeling.  Even in conversation, she would be tumbling.  Cheerleading came natural to her.  So when I’m down about life, confused about a situation, overwhelmed at all I’ve got going on, she cheers me on, literally.  She’s sunshine, happiness and always funny.
When my sister Becky told me she was having a girl, it was pure bliss.
Becky is in the same boat I was in – a family of all little boys, 
so to be pregnant with a baby girl was a dream come true for her.
Just months into the pregnancy, she already had a closet full of clothes and was picking out colors for her baby girl’s room.    
But, the dresser!  She wanted a white princess dresser for her princess.
But, do you know how expensive a beautiful white dresser would run?
Trash to the rescue!
I can help with that.
I found this dresser out thrifting for $35.  It’s a little dated and beat-up, but super heavy and well built.
I start with removing the hardware and sanding.
I’ve never painted a dresser specifically for someone I love and I’m overwhelmed with the love I feel for Becky and her baby.  I think of them constantly.
I can’t wait to show it to her.  I grow impatient, wanting the end result quicker then usual.
I know I don’t want the hardware to remain brass, so I paint them cream.
I love how the white dresser with cream hardware turned out.  It gives it an antique look without trying too hard.
While working on Becky’s dresser, I’m reminded of what Kelly did for Eden and I and was overwhelmed with gratitude.
When I was pregnant with Eden, Kelly offered to help decorate the nursery.  I thought Kelly would help hang a few pictures and such, but that’s not what she had in mind at all.  Kelly and her Mr. Right came and took all Eden’s hodge-podge furniture, pieces I’d found out thrifting that didn’t match and were in pretty bad shape. This included two dressers, a rocking chair, a hope chest and a crib.  Kelly painted everything princess white and added glass hardware.  
She painted Eden’s room, even the ceiling.  She designed hand-made décor and took care of all the final touches.  Nothing was left undone.  Everything was perfect.
It’s still my favorite room in the house.   Even my boys love to play in there.
Giving the gift of her time and creativity, Kelly made Eden’s room something I can enjoy for years and years to come. 
Re-doing Becky’s princess dresser gave me the same satisfaction.  Giving her baby something like this brought me so much joy and I appreciate what Kelly did for me that much more.
The night of Becky's baby shower, the counselor helped me load the dresser in the truck.  I was actually nervous.  Would Becky like it?  Is this what she was hoping for?  
The baby shower was amazing.  
Becky received so many darling gifts from so many special friends.
At times, she was overwhelmed by all the love.
Near the end of the party, she comes out of the house.  I tell her I have a surprise for her in my truck.  And she loved the dresser.


  1. Nice post, Laura! So cute to see how much you and your Mom look alike.

    And how great that you could do this for your sister. The dresser looks amazing, might be my favorite piece of all the furniture makeovers you've posted here. Good job!


  2. That is the most precious picture of you guys at the end! Laura you did a beautiful job. I'm so thankful to be your friend.

  3. I am totally crying right now. You are such an angel Laura. It is so special that every time I walk into Emmas room, I will think of you. Thank you for the most amazing gift I have ever received. I am forever grateful for you in my life.

  4. What a great post about sisters and the love they share. (I bet you thought it was about furniture.)

  5. ~~ What a pretty dresser, painted with lots of love. I am sure this special piece will grow with your niece through the years, and the best part will be the story about how her Aunt Laura painted it for her ~~