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Monday, November 21, 2011

This Weeks Garaging Finds & A Question: Creepy or Cool?

Here's this weekend's haul! Fantastic finds! Let's take a look...
Clock: 2.00, Gumball machine: $5.00, Wire plant stand $4.00

Blue suitcase: 1.00, "Memories" blocks 2.00, 2 iron shoe forms (1 with stand) 1.00 for all, Blue glass candy dishes (new in box) .50 each, Oak frames 1.00 each, thermos' $2.00 each, black mirror $2.00, small frame and little pedestal $2.00 total.
Stack of antique books 1.00 each, Vintage Bingo game $1.00, Box of antique sheet music $5.00, Vintage school books .50 each, Price labels .50 and the "5" was part of the $2.00 deal in the above photo.

Set of 4 vintage metal trays $3.00, Set of blue boxes $3.00, small frame .50, roll of pressed ceiling tin paintable wallpaper $2.00.
Metal topped canning jars $5.00 for the set, Brown metal step stool (a steal for $2.00!) Monopoly game $1.00, little candy dish .50.
Two huge frames: $2.00 each
Set of french doors $10.00 (I need these for a wedding I'm working on) And now for the question: Creepy or Cool...
I picked up this bust of a little girl for $8.00 and I couldn't decide then if it was creepy or cool. The previous owner thought she would paint it all cream to get rid of the red coming through (road rash she called it) I'm afraid if it's painted one color, you may lose the details- Can I paint it cream and then apply a glaze? Or will the glaze get in the eyes and make them even more possessed? Let me know what your vote is. Love, Kelly.


  1. I would paint it 1 color and apply the glaze to color in the crevices. The paint job now looks like decaying skin.

  2. I'm not sure what I think about the bust. It borders on creepy. But, it's also interesting. I think it would lose the interest if you painted it. (Although since I read Anna's comment about it looking like decaying skin, I can't get that out of my mind when I look at it.) Still, I think the patina is what gives it the cool factor.

  3. First, I can't believe you find all this cool stuff. I can't bring myself to dig through stuff.
    Second, Sweet Salvage? Did you go? I was too busy with wedding and 6th grade pyramid.
    Third, I would have to see her in real life. But I think there's a reason most antiquities are missing their heads . . . just sayin'.

  4. I love all your purchases!
    My faves would be the
    * Wire plant stand
    * Gumball machine
    * Those vintage metal trays are just GORGEOUS!
    I wish I could find myself a haul like that.

    I do no think the girl is creepy. As long as she does not go into a bedroom staring at your bed or something. *lol*

  5. She's gorgeous. And I wouldn't paint her. She looks so worn and interesting.

  6. I would not paint her either I love all your finds

  7. I don't think she's creepy at all. I think she looks worn out like maybe after a long day in the fields! I'd leave her as is...