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Thursday, November 3, 2011

This Weeks Garaging Finds!

Here's this weeks trash...I'd like to paint this table with Anne Sloan's Chalk paint- however, it is not sold here in Arizona. I may have to splurge and have it shipped- wouldn't it look great in paris gray?The radio and TV thingys (not exactly sure what they do... tune?- let me know if you know) were part of a lot at auction.
This stamp set is the other part of the lot- the part I really wanted. My friend was attending the auction and was able to get the whole lot for $5.00 (that's for everything- plus a pictionary, fear factor and computer game- what a deal) I love these big rusty tin cutters ($2.00)
Here we have a vintage cradle (5.00) gloves (1.00) Coca Cola crate (1.00) frame (3.00) Silverplate sugar bowl (2.00) and a pile of wood spools (2.00) Most of these items will go to the shop- heading there tomorrow afternoon. Let me know what you found this weekend. Love, Kelly.


  1. I love that stamp set and the tin cutters, too.

  2. Some very gorgeous items!
    Now that garage sale season is pretty much over with in my area. I need to look into auctions. =)

  3. These vintage radio collection looks awesome...not pretty sure about how these work but I think good items to own.

  4. Jealous...I am. You got to find great stuffs. Especially that radio which I have been looking for almost a year.

  5. Collecting old vintage items has always been my hobby and try to find good auctions places to get some of these stuffs. You also managed to get some good ones at best price.

  6. You have got some good stuff at good price. I got some similar ones last week in Denver and at best steal it was.