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Friday, November 11, 2011

The Power of Spray Paint

A few nights ago, I had a dream (or maybe more like a nightmare).
I dreamt I purchased an old dresser to re-do and when I came home and took it out of my truck, I noticed one of the pull fixtures on the drawer was missing.
I woke in the middle of the night and realized it was just a dream.
I had to laugh.  To think a missing fixture actually woke me from my slumber.
We’ll, it happened again last night.
I dreamt I found a lovely J. Crew dress at a thrift store and when I read the label it said “Hanukah Christmas Dress.”
I woke up in the middle of the night, confused.  How could I sell a dress on eBay for both Hanukah and Christmas?
To think I’m dreaming about trash seems a little odd, but with all that has gone on the last week, it must be front and center in my mind.
Thank you for all those who responded to my post on finally letting eBay go.  I received such great advice and encouragement.  It makes me excited for my new opportunities. 
I've learned plenty about trash from Kelly, one thing being the power of spray paint.  
When Kelly was working on Eden's room, the signature colors were pink and white.  I had found a few things I liked at garage sales (a ceramic angel that was green and a cute shabby chic shelf that was tan).  Since they didn't match, I thought they wouldn't work in Eden's room, but Kelly had another idea.  She took them outside, spray painted them heirloom white, brought them back in and hung them up on Eden's wall.
This concept has really changed how I look at trash because anything can be transformed with a can of spray paint.

I never knew so much could be done with the push of a button.
Remember these purple pieces of furniture I spray painted for a client of mine?
 I recently found these little metal flowers and spray painted them the same color for her as a thank you gift.
The shelf too.
I found this little retro folding end table.  It's all scuffed and the stain has faded in many places.
Black spray paint and Viola!  Now it has major attitude.
I loved this bookshelf when I first saw it. It was marked $12.00.  
I asked the owner if  she'd take $10.00 for it.  She looked at me with a strange expression on her face.  
"Honey, that bookshelf isn't $12.00, it's $2.00."
And that's what I paid for it.
First, I applied white spray paint, but it needed a bit more color.
I added my favorite blue and here's how it turned out.
Here's another bookshelf I found.
After with a kiss of sweet pea pink spray paint.
Lastly, my neighbor Catey is so sweet.  She always bringing over treats for the kids and offering help anyway she can.  She's like their auntie and we just can't keep up with all the good things she does for us.  Dinners, help with babysitting, help with my recent garage sale and she just brightens our day every time we see her.
On her front porch, I noticed her wicker furniture was looking a bit sad.
With the help of the boys, we were able to paint it a crisp red and surprise her.  
And the boys loved that they were able to help.  
This is something Kelly would do.  She's always serving with spray paint!


  1. Love spray paint! My husband runs the other way when I suggest we paint something :-)

  2. Laura:

    Love that you painted your neighbor's wicker furniture. It's so important that kids learn about service, especially when they have so much that so many people around the world don't have.

    Your pink bookshelves are perfect! :) Love all that you spraypaint.


  3. I haven't had very good luck with spray paint. How do you get it so smooth? Your projects are always an inspiration to me!