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Monday, November 14, 2011

An Angel That Needs Our Prayers

An amazing family that belongs to our church has a sweet little girl named Katie.
Katie is two years old and has just been diagnosed with Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia. A mutual friend, Jenny Denton, has started a blog that will be updated by Katie's mom, Anndrea. Please visit Little Katie's Place so you can add this sweet little girl to your prayers. We believe in the power of prayer and in miracles. Join us as we take this journey with the Epps family. Love, Kelly.


  1. What a precious little sweetie! I believe in the power of prayer too and she is in my prayers. My niece had this horrible disease. Hugs!Ames

  2. Please tell this precious little girls parents that everything will be OK. My grandaughter was diagnosed when she was 4 and she will be 14 in January. I know it will be a long and hard journey but everyone is praying for a full recovery.

  3. Kelly: I'll be praying for her. My dad had ALL as an adult, and I'm so glad to read other posts that the success rate is high for kids!!!!


  4. Sweet Katie will be in my prayers. God hears and knows.......long before we do.