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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

She's Having A BOY! HELP!

If you've been reading My Dear Trash you probably already know that I have 6 beautiful daughters- age 2 to 22. My oldest got married in May and is now expecting our first grandchild- A BOY! Both sets of grandparents attended the ultrasound and were thrilled to see our little guy- healthy and strong. However, a few hours later the reality set it... I don't know a single thing about boys! I thought I'd have some fun and ask the My Dear Trash readers to send me your advice about boys- Where do you shop for cute clothes? How do you potty train? Feel free to share tips, advice, decorating ideas (you know I'm gonna have so much fun with the nursery!) Give it to me My Dear Trash readers! Ultimately, I realize that all we really need to do is just love this little guy- which will not be a problem- but give a first time grandma a break and let me have a little fun. Love, Kelly.


  1. potty's job when standing commences.....used perfect the aim!!! jackiep

  2. Congratulations! My sister in law's dad comes from an all girl family and his wife had 4 girls, so he is counting on his daughters to give him at least one grand-SON! haha

    My son in only 17 months so I have no advice about potty training, but I like the suggestion about that being "dad's job"! My experience with boys is that they love to snuggle with mom and women in general! ha!

  3. Boys are so much fun! Mine are 17, 20, and 22. Boys are like puppies, they travel in packs my house is always full of extras. They are also so much more physical, I would never roll around on the ground with a girlfriend. As far as potty training goes I always started seating them on the pot backwards it worked somehow!

  4. When diapering - tuck it, fold it, point it down.
    Toilet training - SIT backwards. easier to climb up and better chances with the tucking, folding, pointing down. They can NOT stand until they reach ( and you know for us short Branches that means sitting for a long time) and once they are able to stand make sure they no about clearance needed when slamming the toilet seat back down. And yes, they will slam it and yes, sometimes they will be in they way which ends in tears.
    As they get older - they smell. So enjoy those after shower snuggles.
    You're going to LOVE IT!

  5. Boys are awesome. I love mine so much!

    I never did anything special with potty training, but I can tell you where to shop! For baby boys, there is lots of cute stuff anywhere. Target is fine. Once they get a little bigger though, it gets MUCH harder. H&M has really good affordable boy clothes. Mini Boden is really fun if you want to splurge a little bit, and Nordstrom Rack is usually pretty good too.

    Have fun! <3

  6. Love the new boy. And you've raised puppies, so you know what boys are like--wrestling, stinking, pooping, peeing, fighting then forgiving. Boys are awesome~!

  7. Congrats! Boys (as everyone else has said) are INCREDIBLE!!! They are so much fun! All those toys you always wanted to play with? You got your audience now. He'll play and try anything once if your game. Cute boy clothes are tough, they get a little left out so now you can join the "I'm offended you don't think I want to dress my boy cute, gang." Back in the day it was Gymboree but I loved primary colors. If my son is any indication at all you will have a hard core true blue fan for life. He is such a Granny's boy. 19 and still goes and visits her every year. First person he called when he hurt his knee. They got a special bond, you will too. Enjoy it, its special.

  8. I have an 11 year old boy and a 2 year old girl. Boys, love to wiggle and roll when you change there diapers. You'll be chasing them with a diaper when they can run! They have noises for everything! A hot wheel can make so many noises and a stick can be a wand, gun, spoon, shovel or anything else from one minute to the next. They love to rough house and be thrown into the air and chased all over the place. They love to hid things in there pockets and you'll have a few surprises when doing the laundry. Dr. James Dobson once said a boy will fall from the tree and break an arm and say, "Wow, that was bad luck" and climb the tree again. A girl will climb a tree and fall and have the good sense that God gave them to never climb the tree again. I love that quote from him!

  9. i have one grandson who is still too little to potty train but like everyone said they are so much more physical with their play and invent noises you never heard before for each and every toy! try, you get a mixture of boys and girl stuff and some mommy stuff too!

  10. Congrats, Kelly!

    Great advice already posted. I love my 2.5 year old little guy.

    I find really great almost new clothing for him everywhere (at estate sales you've held, GW, Salvation Army, garage sales, etc). And boy shoes at Baby Gap at 75% off, etc.

    He's the only child I have, so don't know how different a girl would be. He is just drawn to wheels and anything that moves. These days though, he's been walking around in my high heels and carrying my curling iron, so you never know. :)


  11. That is so exciting! I bet his grandpa K is thrilled!

    My boy was born 40 years old, & is super righteous, sensitive, & doesn't like making trouble or troublemakers. Hope you get one like him (we know he is the exception.)

    But if you don't, just know that any injury he sustains, will get you some wild story, that you won't find out the truth about until he is in his 20's. Just ask my 6 brothers.

    Some advice that I found helpful from a friend that has 3 boys is to massage his thighs a little, then wait a minute before removing his diaper, and this way he won't shoot you in the face. I followed this with my son, and he never shot me, but he did get his dad, whom I may have forgotten to tell.

  12. First off, "Congratulations Grandma!" Secondly I have 6 grandsons and one little 8 month old grandaughter, our little miracle girl. Let me just say, boys are so adorable and easy to raise. They grow on dirt and potty training was a breeze. Just throw some Cherrios in the toilet and tell 'em to try and hit the Cherrios. After that they'll want to go in the toilet all the time. The hardest thing for me and my daughter was buying toys, presents etc. I didn't have brothers growing up and she was my only daughter. We were so out of the toy loop. Still are to this day. But is the new color in our family and all my grands are fascinated with her and her stuff! Have fun grandma!~Ames