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Friday, November 18, 2011

Chalk Paint Experiment

For months I've been drooling over the hundreds of pieces of furniture redone with Anne Sloan's Chalk Paint out in blog land. I was disappointed to find that there are no retail sellers in Arizona. There are several in California near where my sister lives, so I thought I'd pick some up on my next trip out. However, a my dear trash reader contacted me (Thanks Michelle) and let me know I could make my own! When I found this table at a yard sale for $10 I knew it would be the perfect piece to experiment with...
Here's the after...

The recipe? 1 part plaster of paris, 2 parts paint, and water to thin it down. I wanted the piece to be a light gray- however, I did learn the plaster of paris really lightens the paint. It turned out a really really light gray (almost white) so I'll remember to go a little darker with the paint next time. Other than that it was a fantastic product to work with. It distressed beautifully and has a nice soft, smooth finish. Granted, I have never had the opportunity to use the real thing- but this will be a new technique I will try on some future pieces. Will I still pick up a few quarts when I'm out in the LA area? Absolutely! I'd love to hear if you've tried the Anne Sloan's chalk paint and if you've ever made your own. Let us know what you think. Love, Kelly.


  1. Wow, that looks great! I haven't tried chalk paint either, but have drooled over the pieces I've seen around blogland. Thanks for the homemade recipe! And thanks to your reader Michelle for sharing as well!

    Mary Ellen
    The Working Home Keeper

  2. I am working up the courage to try making my own chalk paint, using the LOTS AND LOTS of leftover paint I have.

    Thank you SO much for cluing me in on the plaster of paris lightening the color. I am looking forward to trying the real Annie Sloan paint, but right now it's a little pricey for me -- maybe after Christmas!

  3. I love it and that table is to die for.
    Thanks for the info, as I now know not to look for it here in Arizona.

  4. Thank you thank you...also an answer to my wonderings about chalk paint. Want to try but price and lack of retailers in my area prohibits it! This will be a great thing to try on some old pieces that need a little pick me up!

  5. This looks wonderful Kelly. It looks similar to some of the Bramble pieces I've seen. Good Job...

  6. Thanks for the tip! I too have searched in vain for AS paint here in AZ! What's up with that? We have a big city too! I can't wait to try your suggestion. Does is distress without gumming up?

  7. Hi Laura - thanks for finding my blog. I am following back and have a lovely look at your blog. Love that chalk paint.

  8. Hi Laura, Im so glad you tried making your own chalk paint!! Your table turned out fantastic!! I also like to get the 'sample' paints and mix different colors. The possibilities are endless! The best to you, and Happy Thanksgiving, Michelle :-)

  9. I purchased her pain in a great new store here in Napa and it is pricey but I used so little to do a table that I think it is totally worth the price. It's lovely paint!