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Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving at the Barn

Several years ago, my older sister Krista moved into a barn with her family.
Her and her husband purchased several acres of land.  The property didn’t have a home, it had a barn.
The barn, well-built and practical, with a lot of work and innovation was converted into a home.

And that’s where they’re raising their family.

You can imagine the dialogue in their home.
“Pick up your shoes.  It’s not like you live in a barn.  Oh wait, I guess you do.”

The barn is gorgeous inside.  Granite countertops, tile throughout, 5 bedrooms, but what they really enjoy is the property.
They spend a lot of time outside with the horses, chickens, riding their quads and just exploring what the previous owner left behind.  It’s been years of work, but their place is so much fun.

This is where my family has enjoyed thanksgiving for years . . . at my sister’s barn.

We do everything outside.  

There's something special about this place.  

Everything feels organic, the kid's run free and time stands still.
We had just a hint of rain, "Hawaiian mist" my brother Tadd called it, because just enough raindrops fell to kiss the ground.  The sky was gray most the day and then at sunset, the most beautiful colors peaked through.
With that backdrop, I tried to capture as many pictures of my family as I could.

My mom takes a few minutes to swing with the princess.

The older I get, the more I realize how blessed I am to have my family.  

One of our traditions is after dinner, we share what we are grateful for.
With a family of 9 siblings, you can imagine this takes a lot of time, but the spirit of sharing is so special, we all just bask in the love we all feel for each other, for God, for country and for all our blessings.
Hope your day was just as special.  Hugs to all of you.


  1. It looks like Thanksgiving was a very fun day. Barns are cool to explore, let alone live in one! Looks like alot of memories are created there. What a blessing.

  2. Thanks for posting all the pictures! This is my favorite Holiday! Loves ya:)